You are probably psychic…Do you know it?

You are probably psychic…Do you know it?

Jo Nuske posted 10 May 2018

In the 40+ years (OMG) I have been talking to people I have so often heard “I had a feeling that I could be a bit psychic….”  BUT

I am scared of it

I wondered if I was a bit nuts

It’s not real

It’s my imagination

And/ BUT…sometimes I just know.

There are so many facets to the psyche within each of us and these can be in so many forms and it is actually a natural phenomenon that can be trained to gain higher perspectives on every day life.

  • Some of us will just sense something intrinsically: it “feels” right or wrong. This can beClairscentience
  • Others will see something in their minds so clearly : a picture of the future or past and it could be a place, a person or a situation. This isClairvoyance.
  • Then there is the ability to hear something that others can’t: this is Clairaudience. This could be the ability to hear a conversation going on between people from a different time or hear the word of someone who has passed over.
  • Just knowing that a fact is right : eg, an answer to a universal, philosophical or scientific question is calledClaircognizance
  • Then there is the ability to use Psychometry : picking up information about a person or situation through holding a piece of jewellery. (Metal is the best transmitter for this kind of energy.) The way you piock up the energy depends on your own psychic energy.

It is all about connection and often the strongest psychic intuitions happen between people you are close to emotionally. There is that added ingredient ofresonating frequency to “makes the waves” stronger.

A psychic connection is also more likely between people of a soul group or perhaps a karmic history. We may instantly recognise someone without ever having met them, be that as a friend or foe. If ever you have felt these symbiotic or de javu sensations, your mind is awakening you to your potential to discover more.

This video was created in 2011 ( so old tech ) and is a bit long but may be of interest…..

“What is Psychic Energy?”





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