World Tarot Card Portal to the Stars

World Tarot Card Portal to the Stars

Jo Nuske posted 19 Feb 2017

21. The World : Triumph

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Symbols of the World Card

The World card is one of the attainment of power and wisdom. The planets of the universe are linked, all aspects flowing in place and held through the strength and softness of the vine, again utilising the yin and yang of the feminine and masculine flower shapes of balance.  The central planet of earth is depicted as an eye : that which gives us the power and the willingness to see truth. You have gained the power and wisdom of the universe in the karmic journey you have completed.  

In A Reading

The journey of the fool is complete.  You set out in innocence and trust, have embraced the challenges and wisdom and have reached a maturity of the soul. You  see the earth and your life from a higher perspective and as a part of a greater plan. You are not only part of the universe, you are the universe, having mastered the tools you have been given, fine-tuned your physical senses to experience beyond the merely human existence and realised the powerful connection you have with all of life.

You  may experience many karmic journeys thought your life. Having mastered and completed a cycle, you never have to go back and do it again. You are now free to move to the next journey but carry the accumulative tools of wisdom and knowledge of all that you have mastered before.  

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