When Love is not Enough

When Love is not Enough

Jo Nuske posted 22 Jul 2016

Love is not enough.

There is a great episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer ( Yes I can hear the groans) called "Gingerbread" (Episode 11 /Season 3) that deals with a demon's ability to generate mob-fear. I can't put the video exerpt here for copywrite reasons, but the wise Giles states:

Giles: Some demons thrive by fostering hatred and, 
and, uh, persecution amongst the mortal animals. Not by, not by 
destroying men, but by watching men destroy each other. Now, they feed 
us our darkest fear and turn peaceful communities into vigilantes.

Buffy:  Hansel and Gretel run home to tell everyone about the mean old 

Giles:  And then she and probably dozens of others are persecuted by a 
righteous mob. It's happened all throughout history. It happened in 
Salem, not surprisingly.

Can you be a spiritual person without getting involved of the politics of a world?

Do you think that the politics of the world is a separate issue to spirituality and that we can stand apart from it? If spirituality, or the beliefs that we live by are not reflected in our society’s standards is it enough to just ”send the situation love”. The Bible states that “God will help those who help themselves” and as a philosophy it calls for action.  

Unfortunately, the people who are acting are the war-mongers and they are winning through the element of fear and EVERYBODY loses. It engenders powerlessness.

There are times on this site that I will stand against the crowd in order to honour my own beliefs : the values that I live by as a spiritual person. Disagreement from others is almost guaranteed. That is OK and I welcome well considered discussion.  Blind hatred and  prejudice is not the path to enlightenment: thought is.

To live, it is necessary to act: to work, to grow food, to heal, to expand, to procreate, to form communities.  How we live and interact within those communities determines our way of life.

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