What is Astral Travelling?
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What is Astral Travelling?

Jo Nuske posted 10 May 2018

Is there a difference between dreaming and astral travelling? Absolutely! Have you ever been suddenly jolted awake to the extent that your body will actually jump? It feels like something has slammed into you.  Yep, you may have been astral travelling and that silken thread, the connection between your body and the life-force of your soul has pulled you home. It is a natural defence mechanism as one cannot consciously exist without the other.  

Dreaming is the state where our minds are processing information during sleep to make sense of it. It is also the state where we may get or gain information that is generally out in the ether, so in this we can be merely receiving impressions, ideas, pictures or feelings.  We are all seekers and our minds are never really still, so in the healthy state of relaxed sleep we can be open to the greater universal knowledge.  We may not remember of course…at least consciously.

Astral travelling is where our soul energy leaves the body to travel to different locations. People who have experienced seeing their own bodies from above during sleep, trauma or medical procedures under anaesthetic are astral travelling but locally. 

There are people who do this as a natural extension of transcendental meditation practices and others who have trained specifically to master it and purposefully interact with other planetary souls on the “dreaming plane”.   

The experience of astral travelling is literally like taking a trip: you are there in real time and it can feel like being the tourist because you are seeing out of your own eyes and within your body: not witnessing yourself from afar.   You may see other people but not be able to interact with them: it can seem like witnessing other people’s dreams.  

Purposeful astral travel is not to be taken lightly and requires careful training because you are purposely extending the silken thread between your body and soul to beyond its normal range. You don’t want to get lost or break the connection and be unable to get back.  There is another danger. Out in the dreamland are all sorts of energies and some of those might be quite nasty. Energy attracts energy whatever its form: (our auras are testament to that) so we want to protect ourselves from an attachment of the darker side or a psychic attack.


It is a really good idea to nominate a protector spirit to walk with you. This is done by asking for help and guidance in absolute safety; of having a very clear vision of that protector’s identity and personality.


BTW : Mirrors facing the bed can reflect the soul back into your body, sometimes with shocking results.

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