What is a Psychic Attack?

What is a Psychic Attack?

Jo Nuske posted 26 Jul 2012

What is it?

It usually happens at a time when almost asleep, when drifting off or coming to waking. You are completely relaxed and are vulnerable and probably sleeping on your back.   Your body is immobilized and there is a feeling that something else has control of you. It is the heaviest sensation in existence, where your alert mind demands you move or wake up and you can’t. It can be terrifying. It often happens at in a time in your life when the  process of awakening your psychic energy is at hand.


Where does a Psychic Attack come from? 

Opening the power of your psyche allows your mind to transcend the limitations of 3 dimensional reality. Our physical reality is governed by the spectrum of light that our eyes can translate, the sound receiving range of our ears, the firing sensitivity of the nerves that govern touch and similarly the physics of taste and smell.  Activating the dormant parts of our brain ( the 9 tenths that we don’t use for physical reality) allows us to experience the energetic connectivity of 4th and 5th and above existences. 


If we think of additional dimensional realities in terms of the space between atoms or matter, the sounds that a dog can hear that we can’t, the sonar radar system of a bat that can discern objects through a sensory perception we don’t normally use or the amazing GPS of birds it is easier to image “places” that exist beyond our 5 senses. 


Having established that other dimensions are possible, we have to ask what inhabits these arenas of energy. All connective energy ( the space between matter) holds and is governed by intent and emotion: resonances of love, anger, frustration, empathy, sympathy, revenge, lonliness, pain or joy. This energy is being constantly transformed through intent or purpose. 

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The teachings of religion were in part designed to not only help us live a good life but to die well; in the right purpose or energy. The levels of “the after life” have been recorded in history from the time that humans could first write. There is heaven, hell in Christianity : only 2 levels, as are Islamic beliefs, the 7 of reaching the enlightenment of Nirvana in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism.  A life that has been extinguished through violence  , despair, fear or injustice may carry that energy beyond the physical containment of the body: it is believed that this negative energy becomes trapped in the 4th dimension; the layer of consciousness between earth and “heaven.” 


Traditionally the 4th dimension carries the left-overs or memories of the troubles of physical life, and has the ability to influence and interact with 3rd dimensional physical beings. It is from this dimensional level that psychic attack comes from. 


Who or what does the attacking?


4th dimensional reality holds the often negative emotional energy of existence and this is not exclusive to a “bad death.” It can carry the unresolved issues of someone’s life or the negative intentions of the living.  So we can be trapped by an ill-intentioned spirit who is trying to relive their lives, addictions, anger, hatred through another..or...someone who is trying to find an answer to an unresolved question. It can also be negative energy that is being transmitted by the living: so dense it feels like the weight of the world. 


How to free yourself from the attack.


Like any illness, prevention is better than cure.  However, in the case of attack it is your will, your desire to live, your connection to yourself and the world that can release you.  “No” is the answer to attack...in your mind and through force of will, saying it out loud. Speaking breaks the connection completely, because you will ground fully to your physical body : physically being ultimately stronger than the power of etheric energy. 


My first rule of any spiritual journey is protection, protection, protection and the greatest tool is love. As you go to sleep create a cocoon of loving light around you, the barrier of which has the unbreakable strength of your strongest belief. Feel that someone or something is watching over you while you sleep, keeping you safe or hold a picture of something you love in your mind.  The 4th dimension has no power of control in this energy, so as you dream and travel through the 4th to the upper levels of learning it will slide off like slippery oil, finding no foothold. Nominate though meditation a gatekeeper : a guardian of your dreams and any astral traveling you may do. 


More about that later. 


Sleep well, peacefully and safe!


Love and light,



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