Using the Energy of the Full Moon

Using the Energy of the Full Moon

Jo Nuske posted 24 Jun 2017

The next full moon in Australia is the 9th July 2017. Serene Spirit and Rimons Beauty are combining skills and resources to bring you a"Pamper your Spirit Event" in Marion SA.  Find the inner power to your own path to happiness : a direction in life. If you want to know more go to

What is it about the full moon? How to use the energy of the full moon.

Too often in life in the manifestation process we focus on what we believe we can have: that it must be within the realms of possibility in the structure of our current lives. I love the Xlotto motto: “so that we live our lives the way we choose.” There is then a perception that the only way we can possibly achieve this is by winning big money. And yes “wouldn’t it be nice…”  Yet statistically, many people who do win end up broke in a few years…..Why? Have the things they bought truly satisfied the emotional need?

What does the full moon energy help us with? Ruling water and the emotions in our bodies, the full moon can help us focus on the feeling of having, rather than the thing. So, in a full moon ritual we look at the things we want but more importantly how having that thing might change our lives.

This is just an example

 “ Having a home that I own” is about…..

  • Feeling safe and settled: a landlord can’t just chuck you out on a whim
  • Being able to decorate and change your home at will without having to ask permission (if you are renting you can’t put a picture up, change the colour of the walls etc.)
  • A sense of ownership
  • What are your reasons?

 But then has buying this home placed you in a financial situation that does not make you feel safe and settled as you struggle to meet mortgage repayments…….? Do you become trapped in a job you hate to keep the home? Do you come to resent the home as a millstone about your neck?

At these times an internal war breaks out…….and the initial feeling of “owning my own home” is forgotten.

Remember that having things is about satisfying an emotional need : ask yourself what that underlying emotional need is. Can you get it without the exact thing? Using the energy of the moon in collaboration with your own inner knowing is a powerful tool.

Doing the Ritual

So doing a full-moon ritual or celebration is precisely about celebrating and focussing on what is great about life. It demands that we ask a question : “What makes me happy and fulfilled as a person?” Finding that answer may surprise you, because we discover what it is that we really want. 

Whether it is good relationships, with a soul-mate or family or friends or work colleagues or having fun, going on adventures, having the security to curl up with a good book, get a pampering, watch a movie, experiment with art, craft or to pursue a hobby is in your own soul-agenda. That agenda is to be happy.

When working with the full moon and I love the Shamanic ritual wisdom of “Grandmother Moon”, it is about finding the power of what you love about life that lies within you to find the path to that happiness.

There are so many methods but the first is to “stop, look and listen”: to yourself.  With every thought or plan, check how you feel about it. Identify the feeling: it is only then that we can start to see the path. This is the key to manifestation for with this energy, the path will then appear and sometimes not in the way you expect.

Take the time out....Do the process, not just think about it. Be with the moon. Be with yourself. Meditate. Light a candle or 10. Beat a drum to the rythym of earth and moon. Listen to music that lifts your spirit. Ask for help. Pamper yourself. Have that glass of wine, beer or beverage accompanied by special treats. Be with the quiet of the night and wait for your answer. When you get that feeling of light and is right.

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