The Waiting Room: Passing Over.

The Waiting Room: Passing Over.

Jo Nuske posted 06 Sep 2009

What does the In-between Life and Death Place Look Like?

I want to tell you a true story.  My father had been gravely ill in hospital but was recovering.  I  was running my normal Monday evening class and  had "placed" him  into the healing circle on the central altar. I was talking to the class and in the middle of a sentence,  when all of a sudden I wasn’t there in consciousness.

I was standing in a world of white and grey mist and unable to see or hear anything.  Curious rather than frightened I moved forward and saw my father standing looking lost in the mist.
“What are you doing here, dad?” I asked.
“I don’t know where I am”, he replied.
“Well, you are not supposed to be here,” I said, feeling absolutely certain that it was right. “You have things to learn yet.  Come with me.” 
I took his hand and led him out of the mist and back to his body in the hospital.
Immediately, I a was back in the classroom. My  eyes focused to see the confused eyes from the group saying “Where did you go?”  Feeling stunned and a little disorientated before I realized what had happened.
“Oh My God, I think I just rescued my father!” I later learned that her father had nearly died at that time.  I worried afterward that I had stopped him passing over when it was his time.

A Question of Rescue:

Consulting with a spiritual healer friend I was told that I intercepted the light–being that was coming to get him. 

The answer :

The choice to rescue was taken out of my hands : it happened without plan or purpose.  It just happened. So what does this place look and feel like?  It looks and feels exactly like the movies : a place of nothing, just mist.  It feels like a waiting area : just mist; no sound no movement and no awareness of anything or anyone else.    From this place we are met and guided to the light.

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