The Universe is our Mirror to Knowledge

The Universe is our Mirror to Knowledge

Jo Nuske posted 12 Apr 2011

We may study Shamanism, using the earth energies and the animals as a reflection of ourselves to discover our power, our identity, our personality with all the facets of strength, fear, resilience or not; even our relationships with family, friends and our outer world.  

The ethereal realms of angels teach us the principals of love and unconditional acceptance of ourselves and others. We use crystals and tarot cards and pendulums as tools to find our answers but these tools in reality are an extension of our inner knowing: they help to give us focus.   

The tools we use are immaterial: it is the intent and what works for us as individuals which are important. No facet of spiritual belief is better than another as long as we follow the precept of “harm to none” and acceptance of all in an energy of love. In love there are no chains, no rules, no discrimination or prison of belief.

There are differences , yes, but in love we accept those differences as a reflection of the path of knowledge and growth rather than a foundation of war.

When we allow our the mirror of the universe to reflect back to us, we see ourselves in truth and that is nothing to fear : rather embrace it in unconditional love and acceptance.

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