The Trick to Doing your own Psychic Reading

The Trick to Doing your own Psychic Reading

Jo Nuske posted 03 Aug 2016

The problem with interpreting a reading for ourselves is that the outcome is already on the agenda…..and if the answers  don’t come out the way we think they should or want them to, there is a temptation to try again until we get the desired one.  We then instinctively know that we can’t trust the subsequent  spread or advice. On-line tarot readings have been created from pre-programmed computer descriptions and may not have the subtle nuances that are needed.

But we need, want, hope for or fear an answer to a question or have to make a decision and don’t want to make a mistake and we don't want to wait.  Sound familiar?

Where, How What?

We can seek advice from friends, tarot cards, on-line psychics, astrology or other divination tools :  a pendulum or perhaps god.  But we want the advice to come from a source of higher good power or absolute truth.

If we consult a friend, the friend may also have an agenda. Are they afraid to tell you the truth, risking hurting you or telling you what they know you want to hear. This is why we will often consult with a psychic reader who doesn’t know us. A good reader will honour their own gift and tell you the truth with your higher purpose in mind.

But then….Late at night when something is bothering us, a self-read is great for inner searching. So how do we do this in clarity?

Yes/ No: one card readings can be confusing as some of the cards have double, oblique or conflicting meanings.  It is easy to see the Sun or World card as a clear yes, but the Hanged man could tell us that we are looking at things the wrong way round.

A reading gets confusing when we try to find too many answers all at the same time..this is the what..if / self- argument reading.  We might be asking about the choice of job offer and because both may have good aspects but…..we ask the cards or astrology to deal with all aspects at the same time. Then we can’t tell which refers to which.

On-line astrology is great to give us on overview but sometimes a word will throw us off….and if we tend to expect the worse, we may find we will focus on the negative connotation.

So here is the trick ( yes finally) Prepare the question you are asking carefully in your mind. Choose the divination that is appropriate……

Then you visualise yourself sitting in a valley, a clear meadow or by a body of water or a place of peace.You are completely alone. No people, buildings or animal life.   Then ask the environment to “show me what it is I need to know.”   

Then throw your cards, click on the link etc.    If you see a card, word or idea that feels odd, fearful or wrong sit with it.  Don’t panic.  Ask yourself…”What is this….” or “What does this mean?” The secret is to stop and wait. I call this the IN-between place.  It feels like the question hovers above your head, present and yet not thought about.  Get your head out of the equation.

The answer, in “blinding clarity” will come with a certainty that is unquestionable.  This is the Theta answer.

When we chase an answer  it runs away. When we are patient and calm it will find us.
Easy to say….harder to do at times. But it works.

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