Secret to Longevity is Happiness

Secret to Longevity is Happiness

Jo Nuske posted 12 Sep 2009

What is the Recipe for a Long and Happy Life?

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Within this world that has become a marketplace for health products, fitness centres, diet control and looking good I re-connected with a very old friend recently who has followed none of it. 

At 62 years of age with friends and family dying around him of cancer, suffering from the affects of arthritis and mental forgetfulness, he is “as fit as a Mallee Bull” as Australians would say.

The surprising thing about this person is that he has spent his life “drinking like a fish” as he describes it, has “smoked like a train”, “partied like an animal” and “worked like a dog “.   A barbecue loaded with red meat and little salad is a favorite meal. 

While his shoulders are “buggerred” because of the heavy work he has done in his life, he recently got “a thumbs up” from a “barrow of specialists” for all of his internal organs. Liver : “as clean as a whistle”, Heart as “strong as an Ox”,  Kidneys as “sweet as apple pie” .  His lungs are a little “gunked up” from the tobacco but no sign of emphysema, cancer or any other nasties.    And he looks fantastic. 

I met him again, when he was passionately arguing the state of the Murray River with someone and thought to myself: I haven’t known him when he hasn’t been passionate about something.

And that is the answer : this man has “ LOVED HIS LIFE” with a passion : whatever he did he did it without worrying  what other people thought, has always had strong convictions, has done some things wrong and other things very right, but has been willing to take a risk and meet life head on.   

 He has laughed out loud, gathered friends whom he accepts without judgment from all walks of life, argued with them all at some point, and is “just an ordinary bloke.” He has been employed and un-employed, but has been willing to do anything from high powered salesmanship which he excelled at, to gutting fish. 

He hates with a passion and loves with a passion: but he has passion and he accepts exactly who he is. He has never tried to fit into another person's image of who he should be, and would be astonished at the suggestion of changing who is for anyone.  He doesn't expect to like everyone and doesn't expect everyone to like him but meets them without pre-conceived ideas.    

Is he spiritual? He thinks it is all a crock, but he is one of the most alive people I have ever met!
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