The Plant or the Pill?

The Plant or the Pill?

Jo Nuske posted 24 Jul 2016

Nature knows what it is doing. We get into trouble when we bastardise "her" design.

Our bodies are perfectly designed to ingest the food and nutrients we require for optimal health and to expel or quarantine the bad.  How confused does it feel when we eat or take medicine that by pharmaceutical synthesis looks like it should be beneficial and yet carries energetically incompatible ingredients?

The reason we might prefer the pill is because

1.  It is convenient

2. The dosage must be right? Of course, it has been manufactured by a big company..........

ABC and PBS Frontline released articles in May of this year to show that

1.  Overdose and overuse of supplements are dangerous

2. Often we are NOT getting the ingredients we think we are paying

3.The benefits are NOT active because they have been stored dried for too long

Programs worth Watching

'Dangerous' vitamins and supplements revealed in PBS Frontline, New York Times investigation

Four Corners

What’s in Those Supplements?


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