The New year Ritual

The New year Ritual

Jo Nuske posted 31 Dec 2011

Create Your Circle of Blessings

An ancient power I call tonight

A circle made in deosil’s right

No beginning, no end is found

The circle just goes round and round

Encased within is hopes and dreams

To become reality in life’s extremes

What’s lived below begins above

And everything starts with perfect love.

To mother earth and father sky

To angels, guardians, fairies that fly

To gods and goddesses that guide our way

Be with us now and hear us say:

 Blessed Be, Blessed, Be Blessed Be


To release :

 "The Death Bowl".  (I will admit I made this out of paper mache several weeks ago so it would dry out, and is held within a wire frame.)  However any burnable container will do.

Think aboiut what you want to release from your life : Write it down and place within the bowl.

When ready, you can burn the paper, bowl: the element of fire is cleansing.

The bowl of death, controlled by fire

Release the old and wrong desire

Cleanse my body, heart and mind

Negativity of the kind

That stops my life and stales my dreams

Illusion of what often seems

To be what’s right that may be wrong

To stand in clarity, firm and strong

The flames and smoke caught by the wind

Do carry away, delete, rescind

Clear will, with thought, and from the heart

I ask that all, that’s bad, depart.


To Create and Renew

A bowl of water : the element of water is free-flowing and healing. Place a floating candle or anchor a candle ( for the flame of spirit : fire is controlled by water)  and some pretty crystals, stones or flowers. You can wrap some seeds in cloth and immerse them in the warter or simply write your dreams and aspirations for 2012 and place them in the water.


I place within this bowl of light

My hopes and dreams for all that’s right

For all that’s good and makes life rich

To help me find my perfect niche

As new year starts, the old is past

The seeds of dreams I plant, I cast

To grow in strength and light and love

Here on earth what was above


Allow the bowl with your intentions to "stew', then tip the water and contents into a garden to grow.


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