The Need for Heroes and Heroines

The Need for Heroes and Heroines

Jo Nuske posted 07 Aug 2009

SuperboyThe power of magic or the magic of Power

We all expect our heroes and heroines : those we place upon a pedestal to be paragons of virtue. Not for them the petty squabbles of mere mortals.  They do not bitch behind someone’s back or complain about the price of fuel. They are above all that. Spiritual leaders are supposed to be saints just as villains are not supposed to have any redeeming virtues.  Story- tellers rely on this strict division so that both hero and heroine are easily recognizable.




Saving "Rainy"

(A Short but true story of the ordinary hero.)

The temperature on this hot still day was reaching into the high thirties as Tim the youngest son of the household raked the dead leaves from the overhanging trees as part of his weekly chores.   Tim, a stocky lad of 14 years would rather have been playing tennis with some friends and this particular duty was a roll-over of his lazy attitude of the day before.  “Bugger”, he thought as he raked and gathered the crumbling foliage into the wheelbarrow to cart down to the compost heap.

 He could feel the perspiration beginning to run down his face, neck and between his shoulder blades with the effort. His discomfort increased as he felt the loose dirt cling to his moist skin. He thought longingly of the swimming pool in the next door neighbour’s back yard. It would be good to be able to just dive in and feel the cool deep water envelope him.  No such luck at home. 

Sometimes, when the two neighbouring families got together for an afternoon ‘barby’ he got to swim the pool but that wasn’t today. As he moved to sweep the path of the few remaining leaves down the side of the house he peeped over the corrugated iron fence to gaze at the blue pool sparkling in the sun. 

The little 5 year old girl from next door was walking around the tiled path scuffing her feet. Tim stretched up to lean on the fence; the top of it coming to the level of his shoulder. “G’day Rainy, he said with a grin. ” Howya Goin’?”. Lorraine looked up with an impish smile. Tim was a favorite of hers for he often played games with her when her older brothers and sisters couldn’t be bothered.

“Hello Tim”. What are you doing?”  She was a very well brought up young lady and was mindful not to skip her consonants.
“Oh, just a few chores.”  It’s getting hot, isn’t it?”
“Yes and I would like to go for a swim, but I have to wear my floaters and wait for mum to be with me.” Rainy started to move from the other side of the pool towards the spot where Tim was leaning.
“Oh well, I’m sure she’ll come soon.  I had better finish my chores.”  Tim started to turn away, already thinking that he had nearly finished for the day.  

Just out of the corner of his eye he saw Lorraine twist in a funny way as she tripped over something lying near the pool surround, her arms thrown out as her hands grabbed at air to save herself.  Finding nothing solid to stop her fall, she tumbled over the edge of the pool and into the water. Quickly Tim turned realizing as he saw her sink to the bottom of the deep water that Lorraine couldn’t swim.
He yelled at the top of his voice : “Rainy’s in”.

In a split second that seemed to last forever he realized that no-one within the neighbouring house would hear him and without thinking slammed his hand down on the top of the sharp edge of the 2 metre high, metal fence.   In one leap he vaulted over the top, landed squarely on his feet and launched into the pool to pull the struggling child out.

Tim still doesn’t know how he managed to vault the fence that day.  He tried for a year after the event to repeat the feat of pure strength and agility.  He never could. He also changed the face of history.

Talk to most people and they will tell you that at some point in their lives they have believed that they know they were meant to do something great ; to change the world. This would ordinarily mean discovering a new vaccine, becoming a great political leader, writer, inventor, scientist or simply famous.  The criteria of “great” has meant being well known and recognized in the world at large. And yet : Tim on that day changed the world.  

He changed Lorraine’s  future and certainly that of her parents and the people who knew and loved her.  He was truly the hero if only for a day but who knows what the ripple affect of that relatively small act could be.    It also changed his own future.  His self esteem changed and left an indelible mark of the hero.

We see heroines and heroes as the characters depicted in our most exciting movies. Actors like Arnold Swarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis have vanquished the bad guys against incredible odds with  a gun-ho and a nonchalant attitude. One of the first movies to actually deal with the ramifications of being a hero was in the Story of
Spiderman when Peter……..quoted his uncle :
“ With great power comes great responsibility.” 

I would like to add one to that:
“Never under-estimate the value of small service : for the receiver has been given a gift from a super-hero, who changes the world. I found the reactions interesting from some Harry Potter fans that howled and complained about the book Order of the Phoenix when Harry showed evidence of being just plain cranky.  Harry is a wonderful boy with good intentions all the time.  He was not allowed to have the human traits that we may recognize in ourselves.

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