The Human Imperative
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The Human Imperative

Jo Nuske posted 28 Aug 2016

So while the world says don’t, can’t, shouldn’t, should, forbids, makes unlawful those things that were part of natural human rights in the past…..we are miserable. Our options are to rebel or escape into the world of illusionary happiness: virtual reality game, drugs or suicide.

I am writing this today for a selfish reason: I want to be able to remind myself at times in the future when I feel lost about the purpose of my life what is the imperative that drives me. Is it fun? If so, what constitutes fun for me. Do you know what fun is for you? Is it to make money and if so, what is the money for? Is it to buy, build or decorate a home; to buy equipment to experiment, paint, invent or explore? Is my/your imperative to be the most attractive, fit and healthy and if so what for? Is it to attract a friend, mate or simply to be able to extend, challenge and utilise this amazing physical tool to get out and do stuff.  Is my imperative to educate and be educated, not in the formal way of university study but to learn, simply for the love of extending my mind?


IN all things human, our imperative is to create, to question, to explore and to learn.   The struggle is then to decide what and why? Without the why, I, we can’t decide the what.  


The home decorating and improvement industry has boomed in our desire to create beauty and comfort in our homes…..then have us pull down and renovate as our souls look for the next creative project.   


The beauty industry has boomed in the perception that we can’t reach perfection so we re-invent ourselves over and over again.



Government allocates financial aid to established industry that makes money, without acknowledging that someone’s creativity and invention made that industry possible…….It doesn’t take much creativity to dig  mineral out of the soil…it does to invent the trucks that lighten the manual load.


Pre-conceived Teachings

The problem is that I was/we are taught that the proper social goals are the money, the beauty, or the educational score without teaching me/us the reasons to achieve them. I was/we are taught that HAVING the results/ score will automatically give us the happiness we are looking for: that somehow the things give me/us purpose.

As individuals, we are strangled by rules that prevent us from following what our intrinsic natures demand. 

  • Councils tell us “You are not allowed to do that” in our homes…..
  • Public places that allowed previous generations to test and challenge our strengths have been fenced off in the name of personal safety. 
  • We have become afraid of expressing opinions and going against mainstream thinking in the name of social acceptance and law….

It is as if society is saying “You have no right to be happy: to follow your intrinsic nature/self.

My attitude to that is “Fuck You”, then I get angry and become depressed and destructive, not creative and very unhappy. Thefinger


Do we die of old age and illness or from boredom? Do we NOT explore, create and invent because of rules made by others whose values are not our own? Am I happy?

If not, then

“Things can only change when my perceptions of what is happiness change.”  

Then I can have fun and embrace my life for ME.



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