Hidden, Enlightenment, Karma of 2012 Part 2

Hidden, Enlightenment, Karma of 2012 Part 2

Jo Nuske posted 01 Nov 2012

Perhaps the 2012 Mayan end-of-calendar predictions have simply made us more aware: to become more aware. Speculation has run rife as the form of the changes promised. I only know I am seeing patterns emerge: environmentally, socially and at individual levels.

What has been Hidden is coming into the light : Enlightenment.

Criminal behaviours, acts of crime, con-men, corporate inefficiencies and deceits, government bungles and simple and complex political “cover-ups” fill our news. 


Global warming is melting previously ice-laden artifacts of history.  The exposure of pyramids in Italy, Bosnia and the Antarctic have renewed the ideas of Atlantis found.



Fully formed, (tropical-living), fossilised mammoths have been discovered in the frozen lands of Siberia.


Mammoth fossil Inventions that could have potentially saved the earth from millions of tons of pollution, though clean-energy engineering, (Robert Stirling generator)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7jSQXa2BQqAhealth remedies that have been suppressed through the megalomania of pharmaceutical financial giants and histories written and lost are coming to light.

Individuals are searching ( almost without conscious awareness) for personal happiness.

The past is becoming our present and a pre-cursor to our future. The predictions that have been discussed by so many for 30 years are on-track and happening. The latest is the terrible impact of the New York Hurricane.

But what can this mean for us as individuals in the fear of a world ending, global disaster, death and may-hem? Again....there are patterns that show us the way.  

With work, family, friendships and play, karma seems to be playing a big role, but not as punishment........as a way to remember and plan for the future. People are reaching for true personal happiness, a serenity and peace of spirit where they can be true to themselves. The patterns are in the impulses. “When was I most happy? When did I like myself the most?  When was I truly in love? What work do I really enjoy?”  We have all asked ourselves these questions at times but the pattern is that people areacting upon it.
They are going back, renewing old friendships, love and associations, apologising and forgiving. People are letting go of what no longer serves them to find what does.

The conflict and terror will come from following the Hidden (un-admitted) impulses  : to hang on to out-used, power-hungry, control-based behaviours that have, as their root, fear of the unknown.  This is why memory is so important. Does this necessarily mean going back to the past relationship, job, family? No.......it means..tap into the energy that was so wonderful of the time and build that into the future.

Oh...by the way.  There is something else. In the earth changes that are happening: location is not the issue for ultimate safety: it is the enlightened state of soul and mind. 


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