Hidden, Enlightenment, Karma of 2012 Part 1

Hidden, Enlightenment, Karma of 2012 Part 1

Jo Nuske posted 01 Nov 2012

A Poem

At time’s beginning, birthed two great themes
One from the light and the other unseen
Illumination bright light of fire
The other shadowed in darkness' mire

With courage born of truest love
In daring power of the stars above
'Enlightenment' walked the green, blue earth
And promised the future of life rebirth

The world of shadows was 'Hidden's' domain
Sly and sneak and cheat engrained
Insidiously infect through doubt and fear
The world of light with guilt and tear

Belong, conform, give all away
Be meek and mild, not join the fray
Take the road most easy, yet
Find the power for all you can get

Enlightenment fought with wisdom learned
From stars and void : words vision heard
Spoke to minds and hearts alike
 that message of love be known as right

Dark's weapons were very powerful though
As 'Hidden', his namesake, did not show
The true nature of the path all took
By seeing out, they did not look

Within the soul that tells of light
To fight for good with all their might
To fix the wrongs of 'Hidden's' lore
If necessary to scratch and claw

Tear back the skin, expose the crust
Thick laden crud of deceitful trust
The lies that look like truth and charm
Agenda's power that's path is harm

And then in truth prepare to fight
With sword and word thats power is light
The battles on and now's the time
To stand for all that's good and fine

The easy way serves none except
Hidden's world and all decept'
Risk Ridicule to find true "me"
So all of us are really free
Jo Nuske

A Meditation Story.

The tunnel was formed of swirling, thick, dark  clouds twisting and turning in convoluted confusion. I was pulled through the tubular pathway, convulsing walls surrounding me at all  times, without having any idea of the final destination. Trust allowed me to know that I must stay with the process, for the answer I sought, lay on this path.

Of a sudden the exit opened to show a distant cloud and steam-filled horizon:  explosions of light flashed in intermittent brilliance: it looked like bombs were going off. I stood on a cliff edge that created a demarcation line to a huge space that had no defining top or bottom: an infinite place without time or limits. Two energies seems to be fighting. The remnants of dark cloud formations outlined a black insidious mass that invited me to to become lost in its seductive numbness.  I could feel a psuedo-peace invade my soul but a violent blast of white and golden light snapped me to attention,  dissolving the illusions within the shadows.

Briefly. a face from within the light entity turned to me. It’s vision voice filled my being......

“It is time for the darkness to be illuminated. All karma is being resolved now: no wrong deed will be Hidden. Enlightenment will walk the earth, if enough people are willing to fight.
Remember, this final battle is vital but in full disclosure, in the fullness of truth without deceit, in defense of love...but without hate. As you stand up for truth, in light, so I am stronger, but I cannot do this alone..... . “

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