The Feminine Conciousness of the 21st Century

The Feminine Conciousness of the 21st Century

Jo Nuske posted 11 Jul 2011

An Article by Diane McCann


The feminine is rising as we move through this century. The patriarchal ways of the past didn’t work and a new time is here. In the classic ‘Sleeping Beauty’, everyone fell asleep, the forest grew dense, enveloping the kingdom. The Prince came to the rescue, hacking at vines and overgrowth and his kiss woke her up! This is the moment of the ‘kiss’ on our beautiful planet! Rubbing our sleep-filled eyes, excited to be awake but we still have to get out of the forest! Waking up led to many wonderful things.... recycling, reading labels, buying organic, growing our vegies, going chemical free!Click Google (or better still, Blackle) and presto, information is there - pros and cons of vaccinations, additives, GE foods.

Definitely the birth of the Age of Technology has given us precious gifts - choices. However, birth and death go hand in hand and while birthing our choices in this exciting time, death throes of yesteryear are rearing up in our personal lives. Divorce is increasing, more kids on drugs, escalating teenage alcoholic binges/violence, male suicides soaring skyhigh, 5 year-olds diagnosed with depression!

Perhaps the marriage of Sleeping Beauty (feminine) to the Prince (masculine) ensures miracles will occur and we choose clearly how to counterbalance our world. It is alleged earth descended into chaos because in the original split in duality between masculine and feminine, the feminine didn’t want to fight, but the masculine went into battle to protect the feminine.

Feminine retreated deep into Earth’s womb. Masculine became trapped, locked in battle, dominated by the mind. Both felt dishonoured, unsupported and abandoned by the other. A metaphysical story!

Yet I can’t help wonder in how many homes, people feel just that…. dishonoured, unsupported and abandoned by others? For centuries to be a man meant not feeling; for in war, you cannot kill another human being maintaining an open heart. Many men are still emotionally disenfranchised. Rules given by their father and his father before him didn’t work then and don’t work now. Men can’t be who they used to be, they’re not sure who they’re supposed to become and the bridge to initiate transformation is unclear.

Embracing the feminine brings men face-to-face with fears. Emotions equate to vulnerability; to be open and feel can broach memories of old wounds. There is a beautiful story of a man at a seminar who found himself sobbing, said: “I’m embarrassed, I was taught big boys don’t cry: The facilitator replied: “Yes, that’s true, big boys don’t cry, it takes a man to do that!”

In women’s evolution they learned to be strong, independent, wanting equal footing with men, vanquishing the old dependent, security-needing female. In attempts to claim their power many gave up their innate tenderness. A woman who embraces the masculine in herself can easily honour the gifts of the masculine and vice-versa. Women must take responsibility for their own deep authentic emotions.

If a man knows how to change tyres and he teaches us, we learn. If we know how to access our emotions then we need to teach our men – then, between us we can create a different world in relationships. When we are embraced by perceptions that honour us we can change. We have to make ‘feelings’ safe for both to express. If we accept that we have all been wounded and betrayed, that we have all inflicted wounds and been betrayers then perhaps we can create a new fabric, based on love, woven with compassion and understanding.

The time of the feminine is about balance. About doing it differently. Learning to love ourselves first; not looking to another to fulfil us. Changing our mind-set, feeling grateful for our life and its lessons; letting go of judgements about ourselves, partners, parents, our life, our job, even the world and recognising the perfection of everything for this moment in time. Truthfully, if it were meant to be different right now… it would be… the only one who can change your world is you!

As we wake-up, it’s time, not just to lobby governments about banning GE foods, stopping deforestation etc., but to strive for conscious awareness, recognising angry thoughts reflect back as anger in the world, from the war in Iraq to hunger in Dafur, it’s part of us. As we take 100% responsibility, from recycling to eating healthy food to healing our past, we can stand in the present knowing we have done everything possible to create a future for the generations that come behind. Like a ripple in a pond we will affect those around us and thus affect the world. 1% of the population can turn it around.

It’s time to join together with clear intentions, hold the space for healing of the masculine and feminine and in the process, create peace!

Diane McCann Mathews, facilitator of The Goddess Within ( ); Man’s Inner Journey ( ) and Tantra for Couples ( ) can be contacted on

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