The Expected One : Book Review & YouTube Videos

The Expected One : Book Review & YouTube Videos

Jo Nuske posted 28 Jan 2011

Kathleen McGowan offers much food for thought

The story of The Expected One is a relatively simple adventure novel where the female character is required to unlock the secrets of the discovery of the Gospels of Mary Magdalene . Mystical and serendipitous occurrences occur to follow the path and of course the bad guys want to stop the information coming to light!  It is the historical information laced through it all: just snippets at times, of women through the ages which made the book very readable.

This book is one of revelation as while it has been written as a novel, it is a foundation for telling the story of Mary Magdalene, from her perspective.  The author also makes reference to other women in history who have been much maligned, giving us another perspective into those icons of female leadership.

The Gospel of Mary Magdalene tells the story of her as a woman, as the partner of Easa (Jesus) and mother.   In a colorful and often disturbing rendition of the times, she discusses the political flavour of the era, the role of John the Baptist in the growth of the church and the relationship she (Mary) had with the OTHER disciples of Jesus.   Pontius Pilot, as a representative of the Jews to the Caesar of Rome is described as a man, husband and father who is caught in a desperate and dangerous situation of political conundrum. Judas is described as the disciple chosen by Easa to fulfill a task.

We see Mary (and evidently all women of leadership in Jesus’s teaching of “The Way” were named Mary as recognition of leadership:  just like our Mrs. Ms, etc I suppose) as an educated woman who came from a wealthy family, just as Jesus did.  Oh Yes ! That is a big one to think about.   Only families of wealth were educated to read and write and as King of the Jews from the Royal House of David Jesus came from a high status lineage.  

The Expected One raises questions and initiates new perspectives on everything from our current concepts of money, love, sex and beliefs.  And those few ideas/facts shake the underlying foundations of 2000 years of Christian teachings.   That Jesus could have been wealthy (because we have been taught of his BIRTH-PLACE being in a humble manger, we have always assumed his family to be poor) and that Mary had an important leadership role in his life and that of the “Church of the Way”  are only two of a myriad of different thought.

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As a point of reference : The Lost Gospels were discovered in Egypt in 1949 : These YOUTUBE  videos are a must and part of a series of 9

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