Divine Man : God Energy

Divine Man : God Energy

Jo Nuske posted 19 Apr 2010

Yang Power : The Divine in Man

Young WarriorTraditionally the God image has illustrated a warrior who has the strength, power, cunning and fortitude to slay the dragon, risk danger, explore the unknown and bring home the kill for the family tea.

This ancient image still stands but with a difference in this new age world..   Today’s woman also wants the man to feel compassion for the kill ( and in ancient cultures the spirit of the animal was acknowledged and revered ) to be soft and loving and like watching and sharing emotional movies on the idiot-box.

They need the guy to help with the dishes, bath the kids and be the sexual and loving partner in the bedroom as well as the mate who can slap his brother on the back, share in a ribald joke, have a beer  and yell at the umpires during a sport’s match.

So what does it actually take to be the Divine Man God? NOT be a dictator : for that is to be simply power hungry……….but be strong enough to stand up for personal rights and the protection of self and family.  To be a mate, a comrade in arms and a warrior and that takes some hard decisions.  In this way the masculine energy can be incredibly valuable and holds un-wavering clarity without the slant of emotional blackmail.

Being able to use the power of the body to carry the heavier load at times is a gift from the universe and to carry the authority of voice and determination to see things through.   Balance of this power requires some feminine energy, however, or the masculine becomes the brute.  To love and be loved for strengths and weaknesses, to share and be acknowledged is important.

Gender identity in our new age world has become fuzzy.  The women are doing a man’s job and the men are expected to step up to embrace their femininity.   In the animal world the male has to “show his feathers” to attract the best females and these status symbols still occur : the feathers are now money, the car, the clothes and the body.   No pea-hen ever asked the peacock if he was a considerate lover, a loving father or to clean the hen-house!  The female did consider the cock’s ability to protect the yard from the foxes and this strength is still considered vital in the man: and other men still know it! Thus the testosterone battles in the field of sport, work and dating!

It is unfortunate in our current western world that the rite of passage is rare for the man:  going from the boy to the man to the elder.  Few are teaching this and it is something that is desperately needed for the generations that are being encouraged to stay at home and be looked after by mum well into their 20's.   So what does the boy do when looking for his soul-mate?  Look for a mother? Who is teaching the boy to become self-reliant, powerful and a creator : all that he can be?

The man does need to be loved, to be nurtured, to feel powerful to his woman and to be acknowledged for his participation.  He is not a mind-reader, needs to withdraw into his cave to fix a problem in his own time and carries his own vulnerabilities. In fact without the latter he would be a big ball of brawny muscle that just grunts!

Gentlemen : Feathers are important but beware the hen who chooses her God based on that alone!

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