Divine Goddess

Divine Goddess

Jo Nuske posted 19 Apr 2010

Maiden. Mother and Crone : The Goddess Years

Goddess with candle At 52 years I will say that I am speaking from some experience and as is often the case us “oldies” want to pass on a message.    The world is marketed to be beautiful, desirable, gorgeous, nurturing, sexy and successful and the world expects women to reflect all of these attributes for her whole life.

The traditional image of the maiden mother, crone : or adolescent, pro-creator and menopausal  stages of a woman’s life has now been translated into the need to perpetuate the goal of 25 -35 years old.  We as women are supposed to stop time and gravity to be the sex goddess for the men as well as being their mothers while they play with their toys and meditate on a mountain-top. 

Well, guess what : we have chosen to turn our men into this. We allow them to remain as boys through over-nurturing and protection.  We do not demand that they step up to the mark : we have become super-women and then cry that we are tired, overworked and no longer beautiful. As a gravity-challenged woman I have carried the brunt of criticism from men of my own age because I no longer look or feel like a 35 year old! 

Yes, I too have joined the gym, gone on a diet and stood in front of the mirror in despair.  No I don’t have the resources to get a face-lift, tummy tuck or botox treatments that makes my face look like some dummy mask! Hoofing it on the treadmill last week I was looking at all the gorgeous, trim, younger women and feeling Old.  Then the thought popped into my mind………………I have had more life experience in my little finger than they have in their whole bodies.   I know what it is to carry a life within my body, to survive the agony of child-birth, to work 20 hours a day to provide for myself and family, to balance a budget, to create, to cry, to laugh and to share.  These young women don’t know the full power of who they will become yet  : I hope they make the most of their current time because one day they too will feel as I do : they have the wonder of experience yet to come………… but why am I trying to look like them?

After my work out :I stood in front of the mirror taking note of the lines, bumps and sags and realized that every imperfection was a testament to the life I have lived: good and bad memories, lessons learned and wisdom gained.   And in retrospect I would not give any of it up! Wow me!  Wow to all women and wow to all the men who have the wisdom to see it. Now I go to the gym and eat healthy food not to be a reflection of the expectations of the world but simply because I feel like a goddess afterward!

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