The Christmas Witness

The Christmas Witness

Jo Nuske posted 31 Dec 2016

Do the gifts we give at Christmas have more meaning than the expression of love? I am going to refer to 2 famous romantic- relationship based movies. Barbra Streisand in Mirror Mirror expresses the desire to have “someone who really knows me.” In “Shall we Dance” the wife’s character, Susan Sarandon states “that the purpose of marriage is have a witness to your life”. At the end of the movie she gives a gift to her husband (Richard Gere) stating   “ I have finally found something that I can give you in a box.”...because she has learned about her husband, the man.

The philosophies of both movies are one of knowledge of a person within a loving relationship, for ultimately, and gift aside,  that is what we are all looking for. Witnesses to our lives: people who really know and accept us.

Nothing states whether that is true at Christmas time.  Most people have participated in a “Kris Kringle”, the obligatory $15 gift to a person nominated by “Secret Santa”.  You don’t know them from a bar of soap except that they are male or female. So…the cliques emerge. Soap, chocolates and booze. Doesn’t matter…..just a thing to wrap up.  Too bad if the person has skin allergies, is diabetic or is a recovering alcoholic. We have all come to expect the generic.

Giving a gift to close loved one is a whole different ball-game and fraught with danger.  The reason for this is that it will highlight whether you really know them and if you don’t, they will finally know it.

I had a friend many years ago who quit any extended Christmas because she was sick of seeing her kids faces when they received “Barbie Dolls” which they hated. Well-meaning relatives thought that “all girls love dolls”……it would have been so much better to make the call to mum…”what would your kids like?”

Why don’t we do this? Perhaps for fear that they will ask for something beyond the giver’s financial capability.

Perhaps the better question would be…”so what are your kids into these days?”

We love to choose and to shop and vouchers are so uninspiring, but if you truly don’t know the person you are buying for, you are telling them on Christmas morning.

A Christmas list is a good idea. Perhaps going shopping together post -Christmas to choose together might make the process an excuse for re-connecting. Perhaps it is a sign-post that you have lost touch with the people closest to you, and is an opportunity.


Anyway….it is until next year……



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