Changes to Religion

Changes to Religion

Jo Nuske posted 03 Nov 2009

Structured Religious Spirituality

Religion_structuredFirstly, the word spirituality has become so generic that it is difficult to discern to what the word pertains. To be pedantic, the word spirituality relates to the willingness to acknowledge an energy or power that exists beyond our 3rd dimensional reality. In religious structure that could be God, Jesus or the Holy Ghost in Christianity, Buddah, Allah, Jehovah, Bhagwan and so the list goes on...............all masculine, by the way, and in reality the personification of an idea that represents the divine that humans' worship.


So what is this "New Age"  spirituality?


It is the "willingness to acknowledge a power that exists beyond our 3rd dimensional reality" but does not have the restrictions of the past formalised religions.  IT encourages the exploration and the freedom to embrace alternative belief systems outside of the accepted dogmas ; the personification of an idea that represents the divine within humans and it is in this that its value lies. It embraces both the feminine and masculine aspects of ourselves, the dark and the light in equal importance and the acknowledgment that consciousness of life exists in far more than the human brain.  Thus we learn about the ancient traditions of the American Indian, The Wiccan and feminine belief systems of natural healing and the connectivity of the earth and the universe, and the idea as in physics that no energy is ever destroyed : (merely transformed) of the  possibility of after-death existence.





We are becoming consciously aware of the evolution of the human race through the abilities of the children being born :  ( indigo children).  What took centuries, seems to be compacting into generational changes and they are dramatic.



Fear Becomes Violence

Is it no wonder that there is confusion and fear created through these massive changes.  It is endemic in the human race to resist change and when we are afraid it isAtomic_bomb tempting to crawl back into the rules and structures that are familiar.  For people to feel safe , they can be tempted to enforce the structure of the past: "it has always been done this way!" and  with force, violence can be the ONLY result.




Influence of Science

MicroscopeAnd yet, the science that became modern man's ruler and the New Age Awareness is coming closer together. Increasingly there is evidence that the paranormal actually exists,  that quantum physics gives evidence of alternate dimensions and that our human brains have a greater capacity that we ever thought possible.  We CAN train ourselves to see, hear, feel and touch the power, energy and information of the universe.  Think of the science of radio waves or light refraction: they touch and effect everything.  If we can tune into those waves at their frequencies we can touch the universe.  BUT to listen without ears, see without eyes, feel without touch and learn through intuition we have to slow down long enough for the knowledge to be received.

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