The Battle-Axe Series : Sara Douglass

The Battle-Axe Series : Sara Douglass

Jo Nuske posted 15 Oct 2009

The Axis Trilogy by Sara Douglass

A wonderful trilogy of love, life, magic and power that keeps us on the edge of that : " I just have to find out what happens next" scenario.  While the series has been named after the male hero " Axis " the inner story is  also about the power of the women involved.  It gives us an insight into Wiccan Lore ( and Law) and the connectivity we all have with the earth.   If you have ever believed that harnessing the wisdom, nurturing and power of earth magic is possible, this book opens the mind and imagination.


Book 1 : BattleAxe


Axis is introduced as the military leader of  a religious order, unaware that he carries the seed of power of

the Star-dance : the energy that connects all living things. In his journey he learns of the betrayals and lies attached to his birth, an adversary that has a strange connection with him and past that links him to the magic he has been raised to despise.  As he shrugs off the restrictive ideology of the religious order, he meets two powerful and yet opposite women who love, teach and influence his path to enlightenment.

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Battleaxe (Axis Trilogy)     (Large Edition)

Battleaxe Pb Axis Trilogy 01



Book 2 : Enchanter

Axis embraces his heritage as an Enchanter of the magical SunSoar family but struggles with his love and commitment to Faraday and Azure who have become powers in their own right.  The evil of Gorgreal grows and hangs over the land of Tencendor : his army of  Skraelings evolving into the horror of invincible marauders.

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Enchanter: Book Two of







Book 3 : Starman

The final battle between Axis and Gorgreal : Good and Evil : the two women in Axis' life playing an integral and unexpected part to the outcome.  The inter-relationship and understanding that grows between Faraday and Azure as they wield their powers of warrior and nurturer becomes an unmoveable entity in itself.

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Starman (The Axis trilogy)


Starman (The Axis trilogy)

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