Temperance Tarot Card Portal to the Stars

Temperance Tarot Card Portal to the Stars

Jo Nuske posted 02 Mar 2017

14. Temperance : Awareness

It is no accident that Awareness follows number 13 death, for to be re-born it is important to understand the connectivity of all life, both earthly and spiritual. It is also the idea of reincarnation : that a soul never really dies.

Symbols and Meanings

The Lotus flower is surrounded by the spiritual power of the silver for Goddess (earth) and gold of the God (the power of the sun), both tempered by the power of the moon: the grandmother in shamanism who controls the tides of the seas and is the wise counsellor of both female and male icons to humanity. The lotus flower, a universal symbol of the crown chakra: that connection from the heavens to our earthly existence is the conduit of wisdom. Painted in purple, it is the traditional colour of royalty and spirituality. The pointed leaf directs that power to “below” to be received in the half-moon shape of a cup, the moon ruling intuition. The triangular arrow, again bringing wisdom and power to the  pyramidal physical body of the gold and silver of the male and female aspects of life is also the symbol of the Septenary : the seven principles of man.

The seven principles of Man are :

  1. Sthula-Sarriri (Sanskrit) is the physical body) and the use of the 5 senses that allow that wisdom to be translated. It also identifies the body’s impermanence as the lowest form of substance.
    2. Linga-Sarira (Sanskrit)  That the body holds the aura, astral or etheric field that allows the flow of energy and growth.
    3. Prana (Sanskrit) The breath of Life as all life in the universe is an energetic interacts in physical creation
    4. Kama (Sanskrit) the desire to live: the driving force of aspiration
    5. Manas (Sanskrit) Id for the mind, the ability to think in consciousness as an ego or personality
    6. Buddhi Spirit or soul. The ability to connect to a universal consciousness and the faculty of higher judgement.
    7. Atman Pure consciousness: the cosmic self: the I am ion conjunction with all that there is.

    The blue spirals give honour to the Fibonacci Number or the Golden Ratio, in the mathematics of discovering that nature has patterns of design in the flow of life. It also represents the never-ending cycle of the  seasons and emotionally, is depicted through the element of water, in perfect balance between the earthly body  and our higher spiritual beings.

In a Reading

Being aware of ourselves within the universe, the earth, our community or relationships is about knowing about self. This is a time, an alert to take that time to find the balance between life and soul, between earning a living and living and to know ourselves “as above, so below.”

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