Summer Solstice Ritual

Summer Solstice Ritual

Jo Nuske posted 20 Dec 2009

The Summer Solstice : The Longest Day of the Year

Suncartoon21 December in the Southern Hemisphere honours the power of the sun, the ability of fire to cleanse and the celebration of life. The sun is a masculine power that can give us the courage to create and manifest our own futures. This is the time to acknowledge and release the pain, anguish and negativity that may have been a part of our lives.  In releasing these we are free to embrace the positive things in our lives.

The Ritual to Cleanse and Renew

 Do a meditation of balance and clear sight to help you understand clearly what you are letting go.

1. Gather summer herbs : Rosemary, Basil, Sage ( Whatever herbs that proliferate in the summer) and wrap them in a cloth .  Think about those hurts that have saddened you and pour them into the herb medicine bag.  Then write them down on pieces of paper.

2. Create the circle with the four elements and directions : ( For the Southern Hemisphere) Red candle for the north : the direction of heat and fire, Green in the south for Earth, Blue for the west : the element of Water and Yellow in the East the colour of Air and the entrance point of your circle.

3. Place your altar in the centre, adorned with the colours,  flowers, fruit and or candles of summer : red, orange, yellow.

4. Wear the colours of the sun.

5. Light the candles

  •                        starting with the East  and call in the Goddess of Air ( imagination, thought, the mind) asking her to help you bring in the masculine power of the Sun God. Candles are to be lit Deosil ( clockwise : to create)
  •                          Light the candle of the south : and invoke ( ask) the goddess of the earth( independence, strength, protector and leadership of the clan)  to help you bring in the Sun God.
  •                          Light the candle of the West and invoke the Goddess of water ( Emotion) to help you bring in the Sun God
  •                          Light the north candle and ask the goddess ( feminine side of fire)  to bring in the balance and her counter-part the God of the Sun.

6 . With all the elements present you circle the the circle three times in clockwise direction with a rattle or bells and /or wand saying :   (This is just a suggestion : you can write your own)

As within, so without, as below, so above,
I / We create this circle in perfect love
With Goddess balance and Sun of might
This circle carries the fire of light
With ancient power of earth and sky,
Bound in spirit,  hear my cry.
To cleanse me/us now To burn away
My pain and suffering on this day
That I may walk to future clear
In power and strength without fear

There several things you may do depending on your environment, or personal resources.

  1.  You can stand in the centre of the circle allowing the energy of fire to cleanse  your aura : allow the bag of herbs to be purified as well
  2. Have a cauldron in the centre to throw the pieces of paper into the fire releasing pain, fear, anguish into the fire to be carried to spirit. Allow the herb bag to be "smoked".
  3. Have a bowl of purified water in the circle, dipping your fingers in and flicking the water into your aura asking the Goddess of Emotion to: Bless me now with an open heart to receive and embrace love and light into my life.
  4. When the ritual is finished THANK the power of the sun and ask that it be kind to the earth allowing its power to encourage growth.
  5. Undo the circle ( Widdershins ) Anti-clockwise ( to undo) thanking the power of each goddess and asking them to help in the balance of the earth : Air, Fire, Water and Earth CELEBRATE with red yellow and orange foods : abundance, power and health.  DANCE, music and FUN

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