Spiritual Maintenance

Spiritual Maintenance

Jo Nuske posted 02 Apr 2011

An Article by Brita Lee

We all have to maintain our homes and cars. But what about you?

Take some time each day to maintain your spiritual being. You will find that doing these steps each day will help buffer you against stress, letting your body's energy flow, calm your emotions, and as a wonderful bonus, you may gain creative new insights into your life and what is important, your true values!

Life is very hectic these days, there is so much to do even when it's going along normally. Stress can build up in the body, leading to all kinds of physical, mental and emotional imbalances. We are all spiritual beings, but our lifestyle leaves very little time to be still and realise just who we are.

It is no use waiting until we're stressed to the max - doing this on a daily or regular basis will maintain our balance and prevent us becoming vulnerable to stress related problems.

Step 1.
Find a quiet spot, where you can sit or lie comfortably and be uninterrupted. Switch your phone off!

Step 2.
Close your eyes and breathe slowly and steadily, and quite deeply. Do this without strain - be gentle with yourself and focus on  breathing naturally. Continue this for a few minutes. Relax all the muscles around your eyes, your forehead, your cheeks and jaw,  breathe, and relax. It feels so good to relax.

Step 3.
Observe your thoughts as if they are clouds moving across the sky.  See them and let them go. As you go on breathing, feel yourself relaxing more and more deeply. let the muscles in your neck, shoulders, arms, back, chest and stomach relax, breathe and relax, deeper, and deeper.

Step 4.
 Go on breathing and feel the relaxation moving down into your lower back, thighs, lower legs, feet and toes. With each breath you are relaxing even more deeply.

Step 5.
Imagine or visualise that energy is flowing up from the centre of Mother Earth, through your feet and legs, rising up through a central channel in your spine, through all your chakras right up to the top of your head, the Crown chakra.  Imagine a fountain of white light coming from your Crown and surrounding you in healing, protective light. Enjoy this beautiful light for a few more minutes, then slowly come back to your awareness of your surroundings.

If you are really rushed for time, try doing a mini version of this - just breathe and relax your muscles for a few moments whenever you have a minute to stop - even waiting at the traffic lights or if you're on the phone and put on hold.



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