Sorry Mum, I Ate the Flowers.

Sorry Mum, I Ate the Flowers.

Jo Nuske posted 11 May 2012

Australian Govt Plans to Ban Garden Plants As Drugs—Including the National Flower!

Forget the flower industry : Mother’s Day will just have to supply bunches of wheat and rye. Of course, canola is legal but really stinks and is ultimately toxic.   Roses : oh dear they produce rose-hip oil which is therapeutic, and at first glance from internet research just about every flowering shrub, plant or weed has a potential human physiological effect:  (Beneficial, when used correctly, without side effects.) 

When people are sick to death of the beaurocratic baloney, the boring life, the mounting mortgages, bank fees and government fees and taxes, they will do something to escape.  Depression and mental illness is on the increase. Pharmaceutical companies are making a killing on artificial, side-effect-ridden “don’t feel bad” medications.  Personally, I have never felt the urge to chomp on a piece of wattle or cook up a nutmeg tea.  I will admit that I enjoy a cigarette and a glass of wine which of course attracts the associated hefty taxes.  I would rather see someone have access to a legal joint or a scull-cap tea than look into the dull eyes of someone on anti-psychotics or watch someone roaring drunk. 

With each little right that we give up, opens the door to losing a thousand more!  We only have to choose to say


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Additional Resources:

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