Solo Travel and Self-Discovering: What You Should Know

Solo Travel and Self-Discovering: What You Should Know

Cate posted 27 Jul 2017

Many look at travelling as something you do with someone special or with friends. It’s hardly ever pictured as normal for someone to go on a trip alone. But what to do when you really want to travel somewhere but don’t have company? Or something bad has happened and you could use some time alone? Or just you like travelling solo? Whatever the reasons might be, spending time alone in some faraway place like Thailand has its perks and also some things to consider so you can enjoy your solo travel adventure, as intended.


  • It takes time



When going to places like Thailand, you should reserve a longer period of time like a month or two. To fully appreciate all the wonders it provides and feel the energy it emanates, you have to be ready to relax. Plan ahead when you would like to go, and complete all your tasks at work and at home, so the only baggage you carry is the one in your backpack.


  • Familiarise yourself with the destination


Every country has its customs and laws, cultural features that distinguish it from the rest of the world. Get to know them and respect them. Going to a foreign country is like being a guest in someone’s home. You certainly don’t behave like a savage in other people’s homes, so you’ll be the best possible guest here, too. Not to mention that not abiding by the laws of other countries can get you into serious trouble, too, regardless of the fact that you’re a foreigner.


  • Enjoy the change


Different is good when you go on a solo travel adventure. Everything that distinguishes that new culture from yours is something to see and experience, within your own boundaries of course. Before trying new and unknown things read about them on travel blogs, so you know what to expect.


  • Plan your accommodation ahead



You may think that planning your stay ahead is not so relaxing, but it will pay off, we promise. Portals like 1000 Trees Hotel Deals will provide you with reviews and various lodging options, all depending on your preferences. In this way, you can book your accommodation and not worry about where you’ll spend your night and what to expect. Get out of your comfort zone and try out some cheap but clean accommodations. In this way, you can save money for something else, and all you need is a bed and a shower after all, since most of the time you’ll be out and about.


  • Meet new people



Yes, you went on a trip solo, but that doesn’t mean you have to be alone. The people you’ll meet on this trip will be from all over the world, there for different reasons. Don’t be anti-social and closed up, approach other travellers and introduce yourself. Spend a day with them, exchange stories. The experience says that the majority of these people are positive and friendly. You might get a few useful travel tips and find a travel buddy to share some expenses with, if you like.


  • Pack light


Don’t forget that you’ll have to carry your luggage around the world all the time, all by yourself. So instead of packing everything you have, buy a backpack and pack only what you’ll need. The more you carry, the more you’ll spend time thinking about what to wear and how you look. Take comfortable clothes with you and get informed about the weather. You can wash your clothes there and buy some stuff if need be, what you don’t want is calluses and back pain from carrying all that load.


  • Try new food and drinks




Although you may be drawn to new flavours, cheap prices and colourful offer, first ask around or read blogs about food. This doesn’t mean you won’t try the food and drinks, but only that you should know what to expect and be prepared for it. Buy some over-the-counter probiotic and other products for gastrointestinal troubles since those are the most documented when going to exotic locations. Also, be well informed on the ingredients if you suffer from allergies. These are just a few simple tips to remember and can be a life saver if you don’t want to spend an entire day in your room.

To conclude



This advice will certainly help you have the most carefree and relaxing trip you can imagine, and hints and tips will always vary depending on the destination you’re about to visit. But, all your travels, regardless how different, will have one thing in common: your mood and spirit. So let yourself be free and explore not only the country you travel to, but also find some new version of yourself there.  

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