2012 The Mayans with Alberto Villoldo

Jo Nuske posted 03-Oct-2009
New interview with Alberto Villoldo ! Alberto was interviewed by Arielle Ford of the Spiritual Cinema Circle. In this interview Alberto tells mo..

2012:The Time to Choose

Jo Nuske posted 19-Dec-2012
The World Waits: The Eve of Dec 21st 2012 As each individual faces the prospect of the "end of the world", the end of a cycle or massive..

Charting your Path with Numerology

Jo Nuske posted 22-Sep-2009
The “Science” of numerology is a fabulous tool to help us plan, achieve and understand our lives. There are high and low energy days, mont..

Christmas Giving Conundrums

Jo Nuske posted 11-Dec-2010
Christmas giving, as crazy as it may sound can sometimes contain elements of guilt! “ I am giving to this person, so I have to give the other ..

How to take the Humbug out of Christmas

Jo Nuske posted 12-Dec-2018
The Humbug of Christmas comes from hurt. Have you ever been gifted with the generic chocolates (and been a diabetic) or nuts (that will bring on a..

Just gotta love the kids! Mum's Day

Jo Nuske posted 11-May-2012
Muuummmmmm!!!!!!!!! Could you get my lunch, wash my clothes, get them ready for my match on Saturday ...oh and take me there? Can, I have a par..

Make a Christmas Wish for 2011

Jo Nuske posted 03-Nov-2010
In line with the Summer Solstice Full Moon "Make a wish for 2010 on our Xmas Tree " Manifest your dream for 2010 A Spell is t..

Mother's Day Fun

Jo Nuske posted 11-May-2012
My daughter and I recently had a pow wow about how Mother’s Day should be spent. She is the mum of two : a 6 and 8 year old with another on the w..

Paganism is out of Sync in Australia

Jo Nuske posted 30-Mar-2018
While European-based pagan celebrations have been adopted by Christian calendars, I guess we can ignore the obvious anomalies of the natural seaso..

The Christmas Witness

Jo Nuske posted 31-Dec-2016
Do the gifts we give at Christmas have more meaning than the expression of love? I am going to refer to 2 famous romantic- relationship based movi..

The Festival of Wesak

Jo Nuske posted 20-Apr-2011
For the first time in my spiritual journey I heard the about the “Festival of Wesak” the most important Buddhist and spiritual time of the year. S..

The New year Ritual

Jo Nuske posted 31-Dec-2011
Create Your Circle of Blessings An ancient power I call tonight A circle made in deosil’s right No beginning, no end is found The circ..

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