"Be-a-ware" our Dark Side: The Real Message

Jo Nuske posted 29-Mar-2013
What is this image really about? This was an amazing man who taught peace, love and healing,not with the threat of a gunbut simply through the po..

A Question of Life Poem

Jo Nuske posted 03-Sep-2009
In love, in life, in war and strife No roads or rules be pre-ordained Mankind is but a beast, and chained To flesh and breath and mortal ..

Age 38. Pluto square Pluto. The subconcious morality check.

Russell posted 24-Jul-2016
Ever notice that alot of people who end their marriage or decide to get reckless, fall into depression and even end their own lives are 38 years old? ..

Are soul-mate/twin flame partnerships sexual?

Jo Nuske posted 30-Apr-2011
Absolutely Yes, yes, yes. Why is a soul mate partnership sexual? To qualify soul-mate / twin-flame. This is the other part of your soul : the..


Jo Nuske posted 06-Dec-2010
We need to be loved and acknowledged by family, friends and work colleagues to feel a sense of belonging. To be part of something, a group or an i..

Change: The Real 2012

Jo Nuske posted 21-Feb-2013
Change: The Real 2012 The idea of relocating or rebuilding Brisbane and its surrounding suburbs and townships seems inconceivable. Yet, this chang..

Changes to Religion

Jo Nuske posted 03-Nov-2009
Structured Religious Spirituality Firstly, the word spirituality has become so generic that it is difficult to discern to what the word pertains. ..

Coffee Banned from 1st July 2012

Jo Nuske posted 25-Mar-2012
The Attorney General is to ban the use, sale and distribution of all caffeine products. Identified as a drug of “mood adjustment” open to abuse, it is..

Crows : Harbingers of Death or just clever birds?

Jo Nuske posted 18-May-2012
A large cocky bird with deep blue-black wings struts confidentially across the road in front of my car. The same kind of bird swoops me as I walk ..

Crystal Ball Gazing

Jo Nuske posted 03-Aug-2018
Have we forgotten how to look? Reconnecting to our soul, psychic or instinctive energy can often mean letting go of the perceived logical. There i..

Currency of Power : Force & Fear

Jo Nuske posted 23-Oct-2009
The Currency of Power Caption : "Emperor and Empress Reversed : Devil's misuse of Power" It is almost an entity unto itself..

Divine Man : God Energy

Jo Nuske posted 19-Apr-2010
Yang Power : The Divine in Man Traditionally the God image has illustrated a warrior who has the strength, power, cunning and fortitude to slay th..

Do we die, or Kill Ourselves?

Jo Nuske posted 23-Oct-2009
The Law of Attraction : Quantum Physics If we truly do not exist except by our own preconception of ourselves and our..

Does Sacred Space have to be Pretty?

JAQ_ee posted 24-Jul-2016
I wrote this while doing a women's retreat; after spending a fortune on candles, the setting, the food and all the trapping of a beautiful space ..

Dying to Ourselves: Philosophy from "House", TV Show

Jo Nuske posted 28-Aug-2016
The Philosophy of Movies : "House" Are House and Wilson really dead when they begin their lives of Bikie Freedom? Well, having..

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