Age 38. Pluto square Pluto. The subconcious morality check.

Russell posted 24-Jul-2016
Ever notice that alot of people who end their marriage or decide to get reckless, fall into depression and even end their own lives are 38 years old? ..


Jo Nuske posted 06-Dec-2010
We need to be loved and acknowledged by family, friends and work colleagues to feel a sense of belonging. To be part of something, a group or an i..

Cannabis: Growing Medicine Outside

Russell posted 23-Mar-2016
Location: Sunlight, it is free and is abundant in everything your plants need to grow. Choose a well lit spot that gets as much sunlight as poss..

Canola Oil is NOT a Natural OIl

Jo Nuske posted 23-Jan-2012
Corn oil comes from corn: sunflower oil from sunflowers, sesame oil from sesame seeds, peanut oil from peanuts, olive oil from olives..

Conquering Hate: The Inner Struggle

Jo Nuske posted 16-Apr-2016
Beating Hate Seems like a contradiction, doesn’t it? It is. When we fight fire with fire, we burn everything so there is nothing le..

Do we die, or Kill Ourselves?

Jo Nuske posted 23-Oct-2009
The Law of Attraction : Quantum Physics If we truly do not exist except by our own preconception of ourselves and our..

Finding Peace in the NOW!

Jo Nuske posted 04-Aug-2010
Embrace the Void : A Workshop to understand what it means to exist in the present moment : that the past contains the memories of successes, fear..

Growing Medicine Cannabis

John posted 09-Mar-2018
Location: Sunlight, it is free and is abundant in everything your plants need to grow. Choose a well lit spot that gets as much sunlight as poss..

Health & Wellbeing: How to be Energized, Happy & Productive

Marie posted 05-Oct-2018
Nihilism is looming over humanity like a dark cloud. We have never lived in such privileged times yet it appears that people are “built” to suffer..

Is it Ok to Fail?

Jo Nuske posted 25-Mar-2011
Failure or making a mistake is a terrifying concept for many. It can mean humiliation, shame and a lack of respect from our peers and loved ones. ..

Just a story: A Good Death.

Jo Nuske posted 24-Jul-2012
The loss of a loved one is the greatest pain we can experience. This is just a story to illuminate a "good death" in a small understanding o..

Meditation of Protection

Jo Nuske posted 26-Aug-2009
A Meditation to create your Safe Sacred Place ( Approx 22 Minutes ) When we are safe in our mind or can create a feeling of peace even amo..

My Life is Mine to Live : Happiness

Jo Nuske posted 02-Mar-2010
The true purpose of Happiness Just as we give ourselves good food to create healthy blood cells to energize, oxygenate and nurture our bodie..

Our Hearts Think: Why Love healing works

Jo Nuske posted 29-Jul-2016
Why Love Heals: Science The traditional approach of emotional healing through psychoanalysis of the mind-thought process is in question as we begi..

Secret to Longevity is Happiness

Jo Nuske posted 12-Sep-2009
What is the Recipe for a Long and Happy Life? Within this world that has become a marketplace for health products, fitness centres, diet con..

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