Empress Tarot: Video Tutorial

Jo Nuske posted 05-Oct-2009
Empress Tarot Card : Meanings and Pictorial Symbols Watch: The Empress Story of Aloha and Nuit Next : The Emperor V..

High Priestess Tarot Card Portal to the Stars

Jo Nuske posted 13-Feb-2017
To buy your deck :Go to the Portal to the Stars Website (http://www.portaltothestars.com/) To ask, share and explore more of the Tarot, join the ..

Medicine Woman by Lynn Andrews

Jo Nuske posted 27-Oct-2009
A Shamanic Journey of Wisdom and Power Lynn Andrews, an American and very cosmopolitan white woman is initiated into the wo..

The Feminine Conciousness of the 21st Century

Jo Nuske posted 11-Jul-2011
An Article by Diane McCann The feminine is rising as we move through this century. The patriarchal ways of the past didn’t work and a new ti..

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