2012 The Mayans with Alberto Villoldo

Jo Nuske posted 03-Oct-2009
New interview with Alberto Villoldo ! Alberto was interviewed by Arielle Ford of the Spiritual Cinema Circle. In this interview Alberto tells mo..

2012:The Time to Choose

Jo Nuske posted 19-Dec-2012
The World Waits: The Eve of Dec 21st 2012 As each individual faces the prospect of the "end of the world", the end of a cycle or massive..

Changes to Religion

Jo Nuske posted 03-Nov-2009
Structured Religious Spirituality Firstly, the word spirituality has become so generic that it is difficult to discern to what the word pertains. ..

Coffee Banned from 1st July 2012

Jo Nuske posted 25-Mar-2012
The Attorney General is to ban the use, sale and distribution of all caffeine products. Identified as a drug of “mood adjustment” open to abuse, it is..

Halloween Harpy's History in Poem

Jo Nuske posted 24-Oct-2016
The beginning is a fun poem you might say at the door of someone's house. Instead of an article full of dry information, I wrote a poem ..

Has the Plebiscite become Distorted?

Jo Nuske posted 22-Sep-2017
The argument about same sex marriage has become distorted. While the moral stand of marriage is one of commitment of one person to anoth..

History of the Tarot

Jo Nuske posted 29-Jul-2009
The On-line course has started in video format Next : What is the Tarot? An explanation of the purpose and use of Divination Cards. (what-are-ta..

Mary Mckillop, The Adelaide Gaol : A Place of Horror

Jo Nuske posted 21-Feb-2010
Sister Mary McKillop declared a Saint! What did her work mean ? I received a small inkling of the horrors she faced every day in the Adelaide ..

Original Sin : Choice and Consequence

Jo Nuske posted 07-Aug-2009
The Bible tells us that the original Sin was Eve’s desire for knowledge and in seeking this knowledge outside of the realms of Eden she ate of the..

Paganism is out of Sync in Australia

Jo Nuske posted 30-Mar-2018
While European-based pagan celebrations have been adopted by Christian calendars, I guess we can ignore the obvious anomalies of the natural seaso..

Rolf Harris and the Hysteria of Destruction

Jo Nuske posted 09-Jul-2014
The case of Rolf Harris has had consequences that reach far beyond his legal conviction. It has been the mass reaction to destroy his life’s wor..

Self-Awareness with the Major Arcana

Jo Nuske posted 04-Mar-2017
From the time of Galileo who said " You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him find it within himself", through to the philo..

Spiritual Contradictions: Meat Eating Vegetarian?

Jo Nuske posted 09-Oct-2011
The advent of Christian spiritual churches has me in puzzle. Congregations of spiritually minded people, interested in discovering universal peace..

The Truth about Cinderella Part 1

Jo Nuske posted 03-May-2013
The Truth about Cinderella The Cellar was cold and damp. The small thatch of straw that the young woman used for bedding did nothing to soften the ro..

Truth about Cinderella Part 2

Jo Nuske posted 03-May-2013
Cinderellas Fairy God Mother, the true role of the Beauty Industry. While we often decry the debauchery of the beauty industry, we may fin..

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