5 Destinations for Finding Serenity and a Stress-Free Life

Theodora posted 18-Jun-2019
The American Dream just isn’t what it used to be. Instead of financial freedom, millennials are part of the ‘renting forever’ generation. 70-hour ..

Addiction of Feeling Good: The Ban of Pain Killers

Jo Nuske posted 10-Mar-2012
Capadex, Paradex, Doloxene off the shelves as from 1st march 2012 leaving many pain-riddled and addicted people without alternatives. Is feelin..

Aloe Vera : Nature's Pharmacy

Jo Nuske posted 19-Jan-2012
As you may know there are many plants which help cure illness and fight disease found all over the world. Many of thes..

Beauty Benefits of Green Tea for Your Skin

Emma posted 10-Feb-2017
Who hasn’t heard about all the benefits of green tea? It’s less addictive than coffee, but has enough caffeine to wake you up, and it’s great for ..

Bonjour........Butter Please!

Jo Nuske posted 20-Jul-2010
Butter vs Margarine : The Truth French people are famous for their ideas of savouring the sensuousness of their food............swimming in the gl..

Cancer is a Fungus.

Jo Nuske posted 23-Jan-2012
Cancer is a fungus ... And it is preventable and curable !! The figures are alarming. Some eight million people die every year from..

Cannabis: Growing Medicine Outside

Russell posted 23-Mar-2016
Location: Sunlight, it is free and is abundant in everything your plants need to grow. Choose a well lit spot that gets as much sunlight as poss..

Canola Oil is NOT a Natural OIl

Jo Nuske posted 23-Jan-2012
Corn oil comes from corn: sunflower oil from sunflowers, sesame oil from sesame seeds, peanut oil from peanuts, olive oil from olives..

Changing Attitudes

Jo Nuske posted 20-May-2012
The “Kooky” people of spiritual awareness have been touting the benefits of meditation for millennia. Why is it such big news when the medic..

Dead Doctors Don't Lie

Jo Nuske posted 18-Jun-2010
Dr Wallach's famous talk on the potential for human Longevity. I heard this interview in the 1990's which changed my thinking about nutritio..

Do we die, or Kill Ourselves?

Jo Nuske posted 23-Oct-2009
The Law of Attraction : Quantum Physics If we truly do not exist except by our own preconception of ourselves and our..

Growing Medicine Cannabis

John posted 09-Mar-2018
Location: Sunlight, it is free and is abundant in everything your plants need to grow. Choose a well lit spot that gets as much sunlight as poss..

Healing Benefits of Honey and Cinnamon

Jo Nuske posted 07-Aug-2009
HONEY AND CINNAMON (Bet the drug companies won't like this one getting around.) Facts on honey and cinnamon: It is found that a mixture of hone..

Health & Wellbeing: How to be Energized, Happy & Productive

Marie posted 05-Oct-2018
Nihilism is looming over humanity like a dark cloud. We have never lived in such privileged times yet it appears that people are “built” to suffer..

Make you own organic, fluoride free toothpaste

Jo Nuske posted 20-Jul-2010
Make non-Flouride Toothpaste : safe for a fabulous clean! An article by Allan of Healthy Habits If you're unhappy about fluoride based tooth..

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