"Be-a-ware" our Dark Side: The Real Message

Jo Nuske posted 29-Mar-2013
What is this image really about? This was an amazing man who taught peace, love and healing,not with the threat of a gunbut simply through the po..

2012 The Mayans with Alberto Villoldo

Jo Nuske posted 03-Oct-2009
New interview with Alberto Villoldo ! Alberto was interviewed by Arielle Ford of the Spiritual Cinema Circle. In this interview Alberto tells mo..

A Hathor Planetary Message of Conciousness

Jo Nuske posted 05-May-2011
Transition States of Consciousness through Tom Kenyon Definitions Chaotic Nodes are clusters of chaotic events. According to the Hathor..

Archangels: Who to Call

Jo Nuske posted 14-May-2010
Archangels : The List is Enormous! Do they all Originate from the Bible? The realm of the Archangels has been one of light, love, power and ser..

Change: The Real 2012

Jo Nuske posted 21-Feb-2013
Change: The Real 2012 The idea of relocating or rebuilding Brisbane and its surrounding suburbs and townships seems inconceivable. Yet, this chang..

Changes to Religion

Jo Nuske posted 03-Nov-2009
Structured Religious Spirituality Firstly, the word spirituality has become so generic that it is difficult to discern to what the word pertains. ..

Changing the concept of the Altar and Sacrifice

Jo Nuske posted 06-Oct-2016
When we talk of altars, images of sacrificed animals and young women come immediately to mind. The Bible is full of stories about the rituals of ..

Christmas Giving Conundrums

Jo Nuske posted 11-Dec-2010
Christmas giving, as crazy as it may sound can sometimes contain elements of guilt! “ I am giving to this person, so I have to give the other ..

Coffee Banned from 1st July 2012

Jo Nuske posted 25-Mar-2012
The Attorney General is to ban the use, sale and distribution of all caffeine products. Identified as a drug of “mood adjustment” open to abuse, it is..

Currency of Power : Force & Fear

Jo Nuske posted 23-Oct-2009
The Currency of Power Caption : "Emperor and Empress Reversed : Devil's misuse of Power" It is almost an entity unto itself..

Devil Story with Aloha & Nuit

Jo Nuske posted 10-Oct-2010
How the Major Arcana cards tell a story of a karmic life lesson Chapter 16 : Devil : Bondage and Obsessions Next: Tower Story with Aloha and Nu..

Divine Man : God Energy

Jo Nuske posted 19-Apr-2010
Yang Power : The Divine in Man Traditionally the God image has illustrated a warrior who has the strength, power, cunning and fortitude to slay th..

Easter and the Spring / Autumn Equinox

Jo Nuske posted 02-Apr-2010
The original time of Easter : The Christian celebration of Death and Rebirth was linked to the Pagan acknowledgment of the Spring Equinox in the N..

Halloween Harpy's History in Poem

Jo Nuske posted 24-Oct-2016
The beginning is a fun poem you might say at the door of someone's house. Instead of an article full of dry information, I wrote a poem ..

Has the Plebiscite become Distorted?

Jo Nuske posted 22-Sep-2017
The argument about same sex marriage has become distorted. While the moral stand of marriage is one of commitment of one person to anoth..

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