2012:The Time to Choose

Jo Nuske posted 19-Dec-2012
The World Waits: The Eve of Dec 21st 2012 As each individual faces the prospect of the "end of the world", the end of a cycle or massive..

Age 38. Pluto square Pluto. The subconcious morality check.

Russell posted 24-Jul-2016
Ever notice that alot of people who end their marriage or decide to get reckless, fall into depression and even end their own lives are 38 years old? ..

Charting your Path with Numerology

Jo Nuske posted 22-Sep-2009
The “Science” of numerology is a fabulous tool to help us plan, achieve and understand our lives. There are high and low energy days, mont..

Magic is in the Air

Jo Nuske posted 02-Jul-2011
A Night Sky of Wonder : The Milky Way I would need an astronomer or astrologer to enlighten me on the longitudes and latitudes of space in rela..

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