Reiki By Carly Roworth

Reiki By Carly Roworth

Jo Nuske posted 15 Dec 2009


by Carly Roworth

Black reiki symbolsReiki is a form of healing using energy channeled though the crown chakra and projected from the hands.

Reiki heals the whole person, body, mind and spirit.

Although reiki may be directed at a persons shoulders it can be healing other parts of the body as well, it will go where it is needed. Reiki can be warm or cold, it can tingle or buzz depending on the person and the healing being undertaken. Reiki may be sent to someone over long distances and even through time, depending on the level of understanding.

There are three levels of reiki training.
  • Level one teaches hands on healing and provides students with four attunements which place the reiki symbols within your aura.
  • Level two provides an understanding of long distance healing and teaches the first three reiki symbols.
  • Level three or Masters, provides students with the master symbols and is necessary if students want to teach reiki and give attunements.
Anyone can give reiki including children. It is just a matter of tapping into the universal energy and directing the healing to the other person or to yourself through your hands. However with the reiki attunements it becomes easier to tap into the energy.
The symbols taught in each reiki level make the process easier more focused and enhance the energy.

Reiki was founded by Dr Mikao Usui who came to understand reiki and the reiki symbols after meditating on a sacred mountain for 21 days. When introduced to the western world reiki courses were priced highly in an attempt to ensure the appropriate respect was given to reiki. Today however, the prices have dropped and reiki has grown in popularity. More and more people know of reiki or practice reiki, perhaps even someone you know?

So if you are feeling out of balance or unwell, consider reiki healing. Personally reiki has been one of the greatest skills I have ever gained. I was fortunate enough to be taught reiki at the age of 15 with other children as young as 10, reiki opened my eyes to a world I had only dreamed of. I have used reiki to heal, comfort, get a car park, find missing objects and even ask for sunny weather.

Nothing is impossible. There are no limits to reiki the only limitation is your imagination.

Reiki works well with other types of healing including the use of crystals. Reiki can be used to cleanse crystals, to heal people and animals. I have seen the energy of reiki cause water to vibrate and I have seen it make candle flames grow and shrink. I have seen it cause people to cry cleansing tears and be joyous with healing laughter.  There are many reiki healers and reiki courses available, take a look at the Serene Spirit Practitioners Directory for more information on a practitioner near you.

By Carly Roworth
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