Rapunzel: The Fairy Tale Romance of Karma

Rapunzel: The Fairy Tale Romance of Karma

Jo Nuske posted 13 May 2010

Love and Romance and the idea of rescue : The story of Rapunzel

Rapunzel_original In most of the fairy tales of our child-hood there is the beautiful, fragile princess who needs rescuing from an evil stepmother, witch or enchantress who is of course old, ugly and jealous of the virginal purity of the heroine.  The rescuer is portrayed as the young, handsome and well-endowed man of wealth and stature who not only has all the attributes of the face of Adonis but who has the physical prowess of strength, resilience and courage. 

These are the heroines and heroes of our childhood and have been instrumental in our expectations of a potential partner and the way to attract a soul-mate.

Just think about what we have set ourselves up for and the issues involved.

The heroine always needs to be helpless, witless, sweet, beautiful, soft of voice and of course most importantly vulnerable.  These have become the benchmarks for femininity. I always thought that the story of Rapunzel was dumb.  This girl has hair the same length as the height of her prison and she allows her jailer to use that very on-site tool to climb up to her, presumably to bring her the supplies and beauty products she needs to stay gorgeous. If she had been prepared to think a little laterally and sacrifice her beauty a little, she could have rescued herself by cutting off her own hair, plaiting it and climbing down. Instead she waited for the hero to rescue her from her sheltered life in ignorance, not educating nor thinking for herself.

What a huge burden to place upon all men-kind, for in these stories if a young man does not at least match some of the prince’s attributes he is not worthy to capture his princess.

The Enchantress ( note that many of the evil characters in these stories are female ) are the carriers of power and intelligent enough to use them, albeit for the wrong reasons. This has become our perception of the older woman of power : jealous of her younger counterparts, having the desire to usurp their beauty through manipulation and of course MUST be ugly.



Karma Interestingly though, in the story of Rapunzel karma plays a part. 

The prince, having learned the secret entrée of climbing his lady-love’s hair to romance and impregnate her with twins does not have the wit to ask his lady to give up her hair so that they could be together ( her beauty is too precious for that? ) Consequently, Rapunzel is cast from the tower of protection by the Enchantress into the desert to give birth and raise the babies by herself.

The evil woman then proceeds to trick the Prince leaving him blind to wander alone and despair.  However, love does win in the end when Rapunzel and the prince find each other and she heals his blind eyes with tears of love : Rapunzel found her strength, the prince is the vulnerable one and they have finally worked as partners in their own individual power : rescuing each other.

This is what soul-mate love is : two people working together in equal strength, willing at times to sacrifice something to make it work and to stand against the ugliness of mis-used power manipulation.  When thinking that another can rescue you, remember that there will come a time for you to be the rescuer………………..as it should be.

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