"Be-a-ware" our Dark Side: The Real Message

"Be-a-ware" our Dark Side: The Real Message

Jo Nuske posted 29 Mar 2013

What is this image really about?  This was an amazing man who taught peace, love and healing,not with the threat of a gunbut simply through the power of actions reflecting words.  The man, Jesus Christ inspired people to follow him and his teachings, but ultimately left the choice to each individual.  No coercion was involved.


Christ on the Cross is not a symbol of sacrifice to save the world: it is the true nature of murder: it is a symbol of what humanity, at its worst, is capable of.  It is actually a warning: “Be- a-ware”  of our potential darkness.  

This is the true face of misused power when any defenseless human being is persecuted in the name of keeping the power grid of society’s status quo.  This is a symbol to inspire fear of standing up for something different….. As a symbol, it is supposed to inspire forgiveness……hunt me, torture me, kill me ……but that’s OK as long as the perpetrator says " I am sorry". The confessional upholds this.

It is time to re-think the Christian message.  Current societal law does not follow a creed of the sacrificial lamb: rather it calls for justice and acceptance of our differences. Justice through law, not the gun. This is why we have minds.

To ALL the warring religions of the world: you are being placed on notice.  If you cannot sell your message without the external power of weaponry, control, fear and threats we do not want you, nor will we follow your ideologies.

Men of peace and love do NOT use sexual abstinence as an excuse for pedophilia, do not threaten hell as a reason for love, do not beat, misuse or abuse women, children or persecute those that are peacefully different…… and certainly do not kill in the name of good.   

The original message of Easter: that taken by the Christian religion from pagan ritual is about honouring the path of life and death: It is about HONOUR not murder.

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