Prime Relationships

Prime Relationships

Jo Nuske posted 18 Oct 2009

The Importance of the Prime Relationships

Cartoon_old_coupleComplete and fulfilled inter-connection with our earthly lives is dependent on a Prime Relationship ; that is : to have one person to whom you are the most important : the first person you think of and who considers you.  Without a Prime Relationship we as individuals are doomed to live a half life.


While we have many relationships in our life path : those of siblings, children, extended family and friends these are not sufficient to satisfy the soul’s need for total connection with the earthly life.

If you doubt this theory, just look around you.   If you have a best friend you will undoubtedly find that the friendship will “water down” when a sexual /love partner appears on the scene. When your child finds the love of their lives, the parent falls lower on the priority list. When your children have children the parent/grandparent has even less focus.  It is not that these relationships are any less valid: it is simply that the focus of attention is changed.  Bonds of friendship, brotherly or sisterly or even parental are still very much a part of life, but will always take second, third etc fiddle to the life partner.


Spouse and Children Change the Relationship Hierarchy


Cartoon familyA new baby in the house can create feelings of loss and resentment in the husband/father.  He has been the prime relationship to his love partner and suddenly finds himself relegated to second to a wholly dependent infant: thankfully, this often reverts back when the baby becomes less reliant on the mother.

Similarly, the child of a single parent can feel "abandoned" when their prime relationship is changed with the advent of a new love-partner.

This prioritizing is perfectly natural.   It is the way that humanity and its relationships work.   It is nevertheless difficult to realize and accept the new place further down the “pecking order” as other prime relationships of family and friends come into play.

There is an underlying expectation that we will be treated to all sorts of special on our birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s or Father’s Day etc.  ; just look at the millions of dollars promoting this thought in the greeting and gift industry.

Without a prime relationship, this “special” is less likely to happen. : Yes, brothers, sisters, children and friends may remember to phone, say “Hi” or “Happy Birthday”, “Merry Christmas” or “Happy New Year”  as a secondary thought to their other responsibilities and  this is perhaps better than being completely ignored, but society’s programming demands something more.  When that special attention doesn’t come, disappointment and a kind of vague empty or lonely feeling prevails.

So how does a single person gain that sense of relationship with the world?  We may find our prime relationship with God, Universal Spirit, with shopping or with ourselves.  If your prime relationship is with yourself there has to be a separate part : 2 halves always feel more whole that a single- celled unit.

So if you see a sole person out somewhere having an animated conversation with themselves : say Hi! They will appreciate it!

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