Poetry: Love it or Hate it

Poetry: Love it or Hate it

Jo Nuske posted 07 Aug 2009

ProfessorI remember as a kid at school
When poetry was the class
With Drake or Blake!  What’s that?……. Poole?
“Stay Awake”, was the greatest task

With passionate aplomb the “Prof” would cite
In measured tone of voice
The these and thou’s of hero’s plight
His favourite prose of choice

Allusions to the human heart
Of emotions dark and deep
Broken loves and cupid’s dart
All treacle, sick and sweet

Instead of saying what they meant
In the language of common man
T’was dripping buds of flowers spent
So hard to understand

So, Oh my God a limerick rhyme
It’s how I write this stuff
With words that fit our current time
That sometimes can be rough

 So heroes, heroines, step right up
In stories told this way
A vessel, I will call a cup
A Dawning sun “A Day”

To English masters, I admit
The stanza counts are out
The standard sinc of perfect fit
“They’re wrong,” I’m sure they’ll shout

But I promise , the stories told
Are adventures with love and heart
Of people things and happenings bold
Step up and take your part!


Written by Jo Nuske

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