pH Balance of Acidity and Alkaline for Health

pH Balance of Acidity and Alkaline for Health

Jo Nuske posted 10 Apr 2011

Acidity is a cause of Cancer

Alkalise your body pH to restore Balance

An article by Allan of Healthy Hints


Nutritionists and scientists all over the world state that we should take in at least five dishes of vegetables and green foods per day, every day! But where and how in our fast paced lifestyles, eating on the run, are we going to be able to do this? Our bustling and overloaded ways of life don’t allow us to watch out sufficiently enough for a healthy and balanced nutrition for your body’s needs.

What many people do, especially for breakfast, is to consume foods and drinks like orange juice, toast, honey, sweet rolls, muffins, waffles, pancakes, cereals with milk etc., which contain huge amounts of sugar and simple carbohydrates, thus promoting high levels of yeast and fungi to grow inside the body. Cancer is a fungus. Traditional high protein breakfast foods like omelette, bacon, sausage, meats etc. also compromise the inner fluids and ultimately lead to higher acid levels in our body. Acidity is a cause of cancer.

As a result, many people nowadays suffer from the over-acidification of their body, also known as acidosis. All food we ingest influences our body pH level. By consuming acid-forming and/or acidic foods and drinks, like continental breakfast, hot-dogs, muffins, meats, toasted breads with toxic spreads, dairy products, some commercially produced cereals, rice, coffee,  coca-cola and soft drinks…..our body is continuously fighting to neutralize the excessive acid and to retain pH balance, which is a pH level of 7.356 on the pH scale. Symptoms of a pH imbalance can be weight problems such as overweight and underweight, as well as other health conditions such as allergies, arthritis, acne and heart attacks.


Crying spells

Rheumatic pains

Sensitive skin

Ringing ears

Back disc removal

Hot flushes

Stiff joints



Blurred vision

Continuous mucous

Corneal ulcers

Hip pains



Nasal drip

Elbow pains


Swollen ankles

Fasting often

Weak spells & fatigue

Sensitive stomach

Hardening of arteries

Gallbladder trouble

Estrogen imbalance

Chest & stomach pains

Joint pains

Numbness in legs

Finger pains

Tired legs

Skin breaking out


Tense shoulders


Rectal itching



To decelerate or, even better, interrupt these critical processes, the over-acidification of the body ought to be reversed by creating a proper nutritional balance of alkaline-forming and acid-forming foods in your diet. As our normal bodypH level is 7.356 on the pH scale, thus slightly alkaline, you should also add large amounts ofalkaline water andalkaline food to your daily diet. Only then your body will be able to restore its ideal pH, get rid of acid wastes and create a healthy inner environment.

A proper, slightly alkaline diet, suggests taking in at least 80% of alkalizing foods, likegreen vegetables or grasses, and never more than 20% of neutral and acidifying foods. Acid forming foods are amongst others meat, dairy products, chocolate, bread and all kind of other yeast products, alcohol, carbonated drinks and coffee and tea. Try to avoid those foods, instead consume as muchalkaline forming foods as possible, like vegetables, greens, sprouts, soy products and most kind of seeds (also have a look at ouracid-alkaline food chart herein). Eating alkaline foods transforms your body pH from dangerously acidic to slightly above neutral. Above that,alkaline water neutralizes harmful acid wastes and gently dismantles them from cells and tissues. Alkaline water has a pH value between 9 and 11 on the pH scale.

An alkaline way of life is the perfect start to restore your overall health. By transforming your nutrition into analkalizing pH diet, which can be by eating vegetables all day long, or takinggreen foodnutritional supplements, the body’s pH level will gradually be balanced. When the nutrients of alkaline foods get into your bloodstream, every cell in your body will be recreated and regenerated. Analkaline diet thus helps to boost your energy levels, improve skin, reduce allergies and enhance mental clarity.

Above that, when pH balance is achieved, the body instinctively drops to its ideal, healthy weight. As soon as theacidic environment is eliminated, there will be no need for new fat cells to form, and the remaining fat in your body is no longer needed to store acid wastes, and therefore simply melts away. An alkaline way of life will restore good health; you will not only see but also feel the difference.

Eat more green food and alkalize your body pH! Start Today!


Acid Alkaline Food Chart


Food consumption in the most advanced countries of the world has changed from nutritious raw foods tohighly processed foods very low innutritional value. New chemicals have been introduced to our foods, air, and water, which have put even greater stresses on our system's ability to control the chemistry of our body fluids, and therefore functionality of ourinner biological terrain is at risk. As a result, we see huge increases in the incidence of life-threatening or chronic diseases. That’s why it is of utmost importance to our healthiness to finding the idealbalance of alkaline and acid forming foods.

 Have a look at the table below to identify various foods' pH-level. Each one is assigned a number which mirrors its approximate relative potential of alkalinity (+) or acidity (-) existent in one ounce (28.35g) of food. The higher the number, the better it is for you to eat.


Healthy Alkaline Foods
- Eat lots of them!

Alfalfa Grass +29.3
Asparagus +1.3
Barley Grass +28.1
Brussels Sprouts +0.5
Cabbage Lettuce, Fresh +14.1
Cauliflower +3.1
Cayenne Pepper +18.8
Celery +13.3
Chives +8.3
Comfrey +1.5
Cucumber, Fresh +31.5
Dandelion +22.7
Dog Grass +22.6
Endive, Fresh +14.5
French Cut Green Beans +11.2
Garlic +13.2
Green Cabbage December Harvest +4.0
Green Cabbage, March Harvest +2.0
Kamut Grass +27.6
Lamb's Lettuce +4.8
Leeks (Bulbs) +7.2
Lettuce +2.2
Onion +3.0
Peas, Fresh +5.1
Peas, Ripe +0.5
Red Cabbage +6.3
Rhubarb Stalks +6.3
Savoy Cabbage +4.5
Shave Grass +21.7
Sorrel +11.5
Soy Sprouts +29.5
Spinach (Other Than March) +13.1
Spinach, March Harvest +8.0
Sprouted Chia Seeds +28.5
Sprouted Radish Seeds +28.4
Straw Grass +21.4
Watercress +7.7
Wheat Grass +33.8
White Cabbage +3.3
Zucchini +5.7

Root Vegetables
Beet +11.3
Carrot +9.5
Horseradish +6.8
Kohlrabi +5.1
Potatoes +2.0
Red Radish +16.7
Rutabaga +3.1
Summer Black Radish +39.4
Turnip +8.0
White Radish (Spring) +3.1

Avocado (Protein) +15.6
Fresh Lemon +9.9
Limes +8.2
Tomato +13.6

Non-Stored Organic Grains And Legumes
Buckwheat Groats +0.5 
Granulated Soy (Cooked Ground Soy Beans) +12.8
Lentils +0.6
Lima Beans +12.0
Soy Flour +2.5
Soy Lecithin (Pure) +38.0
Soy Nuts (soaked Soy Beans, Then Air Dried) +26.5
Soybeans, Fresh +12.0
Spelt +0.5
Tofu +3.2
White Beans (Navy Beans) +12.1

Almonds +3.6
Brazil Nuts +0.5

Caraway Seeds +2.3
Cumin Seeds +1.1
Fennel Seeds +1.3
Flax Seeds +1.3
Pumpkin Seeds +5.6
Sesame Seeds +0.5
Sunflower Seeds +5.4
Wheat Kernel +11.4

Fats (Fresh, Cold-Pressed Oils)
Borage Oil +3.2
Evening Primrose Oil +4.1
Flax Seed Oil +3.5
Marine Lipids +4.7
Olive Oil +1.0

Foods you should only
consume moderately

(In Season, For Cleansing Only Or With Moderation)
Apricot -9.5
Bananna, Ripe -10.1
Bananna, Unripe +4.8
Black Currant -6.1
Blueberry -5.3
Cantaloupe -2.5
Cherry, Sour +3.5
Cherry, Sweet -3.6
Coconut, Fresh +0.5
Cranberry -7.0
Currant -8.2
Date -4.7
Fig Juice Powder -2.4
Gooseberry, Ripe -7.7
Grape, Ripe -7.6
Grapefruit -1.7
Italian Plum -4.9
Mandarin Orange -11.5
Mango -8.7
Orange -9.2
Papaya -9.4
Peach -9.7
Pear -9.9
Pineapple -12.6
Rasberry -5.1
Red Currant -2.4
Rose Hips -15.5
Strawberry -5.4
Tangerine -8.5
Watermelon -1.0
Yellow Plum -4.9


Non-Stored Grains
Brown Rice -12.5
Wheat -10.1


Hazelnuts -2.0
Macadamia Nuts -3.2
Walnuts -8.0


Fresh Water Fish -11.8


Coconut Milk -1.5
Sunflower Oil -6.7

Unhealthy Acidic Foods
- Try to avoid them!

Meat, Poultry, And Fish
Beef -34.5
Chicken (to -22) -18.0
Eggs (to -22)
Liver -3.0
Ocean Fish -20.0
Organ Meats -3.0
Oysters -5.0
Pork -38.0
Veal -35.0


Milk And Milk Products
Buttermilk +1.3
Cream -3.9
Hard Cheese -18.1
Homogenized Milk -1.0
Quark -17.3


Bread, Biscuits (Stored Grains/Risen Dough)
Rye Bread -2.5
White Biscuit -6.5
White Bread -10.0
Whole-Grain Bread -4.5
Whole-Meal Bread -6.5


Cashews -9.3
Peanuts -12.8
Pistachios -16.6


Butter -3.9
Corn Oil -6.5
Margarine -7.5


Artificial Sweetners -26.5
Barley Malt Syrup -9.3
Beet Sugar -15.1
Brown Rice Syrup -8.7
Chocolate -24.6
Dr. Bronner's Barley
Dried Sugar Cane Juice -18.0
Fructose -9.5
Honey -7.6
Malt Sweetner -9.8
Milk Sugar -9.4
Molasses -14.6
Turbinado Sugar -9.5
White Sugar -17.6

Ketchup -12.4
Mayonaise -12.5
Mustard -19.2
Soy Sauce -36.2
Vinegar -39.4


Beer -26.8
Coffee -25.1
Fruit Juice Sweetened
Fruit Juice, Packaged, Natural -8.7
Liquor -38.7
Tea (Black) -27.1
Wine -16.4


Canned Foods
Microwaved Foods
Processed Foods


Table: pH scale of alkaline and acid forming foods
(Source: "Back To The House Of Health" by Shelley Redford Young)

The more alkaline-forming foods you add to yournutrition, the stronger will be the results. Should you not be able to completely avoid acidic foods, you should at least try to consume as less as possible of them, and instead put more green food and veggies on your plate. Remember that every little step to a morealkaline diet is an improvement to a healthier way of life.


Moreover, you can add green plants nutritional supplementsto your diet, which can support you in attainingpH balance in a natural way. Such supplements were developed by Dr. Young, a microbiologist and nutritionist. Over many years he has researched the interrelations betweenacid wastes inside the body and the development of unhealthy conditions and disease.


Alkalosis refers to a condition reducing hydrogen ion concentration of arterial blood plasma (alkalemia). Generally alkalosis is said to occur when arterial pH exceeds 7.45. The opposite condition is acidosis.  (Source: Wikipedia)

Acidosis is an increased acidity (i.e. an increased hydrogen ion concentration). If not further qualified, it refers to acidity of the blood plasma. Generally, acidosis is said to occur when arterial pH falls below 7.35, while its counterpart (alkalosis) occurs at a pH over 7.45. Arterial blood gas analysis and other tests are required to separate the main causes. (Source: Wikipedia)


Symptoms of Acidosis


Due to fast paced daily lifestyles, eating on the run, people have to face a constantly growing endangerment: the over-acidification (Acidosis) of the body cells, which will interrupt cellular activities and functions. It is a major root of sickness and disease. Having our cells constantly exposed to anacidic environment leads toAcidosis!

Studies have shown that an acidic,anaerobic (which is also the lack of oxygen) body environment encourages the breeding of fungus (cancer), mould, bacteria, and viruses. As a result, our inner biological terrain shifts from a healthy oxygenated,alkaline environment to an unhealthy acidic one (acidic pH scale).

It is a lot of “hard work” for our body to neutralize anddetoxify these acids before they can act as poisons in and around the cells, ultimately changing the environment of each cell.

When our body pH becomes more and more acidic it starts to set up defence mechanisms to keep the damaging acid from entering our vital organs. Unhealthy conditions which can be caused directly by Over-Acidification / Acidosis are:  

Symptom Overweight
It is known that acid gets stored in fat cells. As a defence mechanism, your body may actually produce fat cells to protect you from your overly acidic condition. To protect itself from potentially serious damage, the body creates these fat cells to store the acids and carry them away from vital organs. Those fat cells and cellulite deposits may actually keep acid wastes at a safe distance from your vital organs. Many people have found that a return to a healthy alkaline inner biological terrain helps them losing excess fat.

Symptom Joint Pain and Arthritis
All substances left by the metabolizing process are acidic and toxic; therefore these have to be neutralized by alkalizing elements, e.g. calcium ions, sodium ions, and lithium ions, among which calcium is the most important. Calcium ions are positively charged ions which are constantly looking for acid, to form calcium carbonate in our body. Calcium carbonate is harmless and will be moved out of the body, providing our body fluid pH is alkaline. Otherwise, it is being deposited around body joints. If the calcium ion level is low in the blood and body, excess acid will remain in our body and will lead to numerous health problems, like Join Pain or Arthritis.

Symptom Osteoporosis
Many people think they can eliminate osteoporosis by increasing their consumption of milk and dairy products. But in fact the instances of osteoporosis are rare in countries where the consumption of dairy products is very low. So osteoporosis is an acidosis problem. As the body becomes more acidic, our body tries to remain healthy to protect us against heart attacks, illness, strokes or even cancer. In doing so, it takes calcium from the teeth, bones and tissues, making them weak and brittle. Dairy products are acid forming – remove them from your diet.

Symptom Underweight
Yeast and fungus produced in an acidic environment can feed on our nutrients and thus reduce the absorption of everything we eat by as much as 50%. Without protein the body can’t produce enzymes, hormones or other chemical components necessary for cell energy and organ activity. This causes people to become very thin, which is not healthier than being overweight. As alkalizing and oxygenating takes place, the body naturally begins to seek its own ideal weight.

Symptom Low Energy and Chronic Fatigue
When having our cells constantly exposed to an overly acidic environment our biological terrain's oxygen level drops, leaving us tired and fatigued. This will allow parasites, fungus (cancer), bacteria, mould and viral infections to flourish and gain a hold throughout the body.

Symptom Heart attack
If our internal biological terrain is exposed to excessive acidity, bacteria and/or fungi and/or viruses can attach themselves to the inner walls of arteries. This can attract white blood cells, causing proteins and cells to clot. In this way a plaque forms in the artery, thus narrowing the artery and restricting the flow of blood, nutrients and oxygen to the tissues supplied by that artery. Should that happen to the coronary artery, a heart attack can occur.

Symptom Allergies
The toxins produced within an acidic, oxygen deprived environment as well as the absorption of undigested proteins is major cause of allergy conditions. When the digestive system is weakened, a wide range of allergic reactions can occur, e.g. food allergies, and the overall susceptibility to allergens is increased.

Symptom Acne
There are many different forms of acne, and many are linked to an unhealthy diet. Especially foods that are highly acidic tend to cause acne.

Symptom Frequent Colds, Bronchitis, Infections, Headaches
Only when our pH level is fairly balanced, the binding of oxygen to the haemoglobin protein of our red blood cells in the lungs operates. If the pH is too acidic, microbes in our respiratory systems can grow much more easily, and in that way cause bronchitis, pneumonia and sinusitis, and invade our cell system. This can result in cough, bronchial spasms (asthma), colds, infections and headaches.



The 'New Biology' by Dr. Robert O. Young


 The New Biology states that "Over-Acidification of the body is the single underlying cause of all disease".(Dr. Robert O. Young)

Scientists have found that when thebiological terrain is out of its healthy and alkaline pH range (also seepH scale, pH balance), the cells of the body cannot function properly. Understanding the interrelation between the over-acidification (acidosis) of the body and the growth of morbid micro organisms (bacteria, yeast, fungi, and moulds) inside the body, the New Biology states that the ideal and optimum state of the human organism is to maintain itsalkaline design.

A too acidic blood pH levelputs the body at a higher risk of catching a multitude of acute and chronic unhealthy conditions and diseases, as well as experiencing physical deterioration and more rapid aging. In summary, Acidosis interferes with life itself, leading to all sickness and disease.

In contrast to The New Biology by Dr. Young, the ‘The Old Biology’ by Louis Pasteur is based on the idea that every disease comes from germs which invade our bodies from the outside. Yet it was found that germs cannot develop inside the body when our system is in a healthy, alkaline andph balanced state.

Dr. Robert O. Young, microbiologist and nutritionist, is author of several outstanding books, e.g.‘The pH Miracle’ or ‘The pH Miracle for Diabetes’. His assignment is to promote a greater awareness among people for a properacid alkaline balance within the body, based on an alkaline diet, healthy lifestyle and diet supplements.

Based on his research, Dr. Young found out that the essence of life is derived almost exclusively through plants (plant foods), and that every cell in the body needs the light derived from green plants. The greater the amount of alkaline foods and FRESH green foods consumed in the diet, the better for each and every of the 30 trillion living cells inside us - and the greater the overall health benefits.Dr. Young discovered that these plant foods are cleansing, alkalizing and energizing to the body.


And don’t forget, we are a living organism, and as such we need to have about 80% of our foods ingested as “LIVING FOODS”. That means the foods are fresh from Nature’s Garden and made into delicious fresh living salads – they are not cooked and/or processed in any way.


Avoid the processed/manufactured “DEAD FOODS” laced with artificial colouring, artificial flavourings, and a multitude of other toxic chemicals to enhance their appearance, flavour and shelf life from the supermarket shelves. These processed/manufactured substances (they cannot be referred to as foods) often contained in dangerous BPA(Bisphenol-A packaging) are detrimental to your health


    Good health is not an entitlement – it is derived from the way you choose to live.







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