Past Lives: How do they Impact?

Past Lives: How do they Impact?

Jo Nuske posted 14 Nov 2009

The role of the Past Life : How do they Impact our Journey?

Past-livesPast life issues and identities have become the realm of psychological , philosophical and healing discussions.  It has almost become a universal acceptance that we carry memories, feelings or dé jà vu that may not seem to be related to our current circumstances.  So, we have theorized that these issues, illnesses and knowledge may have come from a previous life.

 Past life awareness IS NOT meant to be a means or automatic recognition of current life status.  If a person has held a position of power, authority and fame in the past it is not meant to be a guarantee of current life position or spiritual evolvement.  

That those experiences may be accessible as  memories, may give the individual the drive and awareness to achieve their goals, but will not guarantee that it IS their intrinsic right to have it. The purpose of getting in touch with our past lives is to draw on the knowledge and experience so that we learn exponentially, or to heal the fears may not have been dealt with before.

So someone who has an “irrational fear” of water may have drowned in a past life.  Another who has abandonment issues although they have been loved and cared for all of their lives, may have experienced that in a past life and they brought that fear forward to learn that they can be safe.   But it must be resolved at a Spiritual/soul level to clear the debris. 

Past life issues can be debilitating and somewhat confusing when we can’t find a logical reason for an illogical issue. Unfortunately discovering a past life can become a desire for status. It is the “I was syndrome” (Jesus,  Henry VIII , Florence Nightingale, Joan of Arc etc  ) , as if this gives the person an automatic entrée into the famous or the spiritually evolved.    (Have you ever heard anyone admit that they are Hitler re-incarnated?) I

f you are bum in this life-time but were the Egyptian God Ra in the past : I think your soul would be pretty disappointed! OR it has decided that  having experienced the heights of power and responsibility  it has decided to experience the mundane.  OR if the soul misused the power held, it has become a reflection of the victim it created: karma. If you were a prostitute in the past and used that knowledge to help your soul and others' understand about power: then Yahoo!

We cannot reclaim the past life, but we can learn from it.   This life-time and who we ARE is what defines us.  What we do NOW with the knowledge is what empowers us.

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