Paganism is out of Sync in Australia

Paganism is out of Sync in Australia

Jo Nuske posted 30 Mar 2018

While European-based pagan celebrations have been adopted by Christian calendars, I guess we can ignore the obvious anomalies of the natural seasonal calendar. For those of us, however, who are looking to blend the two in Aussie-land we simply can’t. We would have to celebrate Easter at the full moon closest to the spring Equinox : 23 September for 2018.

The Christian symbol ‘Jesus on the cross’ of Easter is really that of death : and while his resurrection is celebrated as a re-birth ( Spring after winter ), we could decide that his light on earth ( summer) died at Easter becoming the winter of grief.

Easter originated from the pagan celebration of the birth of spring, the honouring of the Germanic goddess Ostara (Ēastre or Ēostre ).

Her companion was the hare a quite different animal to the rabbit. The hare is born fully formed unlike the rabbit who is born hairless, blind and vulnerable, is faster and unlikely to be domesticated: more suited to the survival of the wild.  A hare, faster and larger than the bunny lives above ground and can change its fur colour to suit its surroundings (turning white in the snow) The rabbit lives in burrows underground and is more sociable.  So why was the rabbit originally adopted?

Australia has tried to replace the symbol of the hare with the Bilby. For a start, the bilby is a marsupial with a pouch (like the kangaroo), where the hare builds a nest. The bilby is also predominantly nocturnal and looks nothing like a cute furry rabbit.  Doh!!!

Can someone tell me how the indigenous Australians celebrated spring? I know their ceremonies were around the “Dreamtime” but I cannot find if they had a symbol or a specific ritual. I would love to know.  

Whatever Easter means to you we get the chance to dream a little, have a holiday and eat chocolate….so have fun and enjoy!



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