NASA confirms 2012 Earth Changes

NASA confirms 2012 Earth Changes

Jo Nuske posted 15 Nov 2010

Solar Storms to Affect Earth in 2012


A 1 minute news item late at night on television in October 2010 alerted Australians to the Space Storms that have been prediction for 2012.  That this information was released by NASA scientists from 2006 and predictions of this nature have been around for a 100 years  is an indictment on Media priority.
This interview was posted on YouTube on 18th November 2009


This has world-wide ramifications that are so important that there have been science-symposiums and world-government conferences in how to deal with it!


Quote from
on July 16, 2010:   Sometimes a problem is so big, one country cannot handle it alone.
where Experts from 25 countries gathered to "jam" a solution.


What is a Solar Storm? .................(Layman)


The sun creates sun spots all the time but as I understand it as a "layman" the sun creates a flow of energy very like the ribbons of the earth's oceans that influence the weather, carrying warm and cool air. With the sun it is highly explosive gasses that burn brightly (a sun-spot that lasts for a few weeks), then dies.  The debris from that spot is picked up by the "conveyor belt" and carried to the poles to a depth that builds with electro-magnetic energy.  (EMF) A cycle of the belt can take between 30and 50 years.  At the end of the cycle the sun cleanses it surface in a violent burn-off: thus solar flares.
The science of this is explained some much more succinctly on the NASA news link;
According to scientists the Solar storm of 1859 was the stuff of legends. Back in 1859 the invention of the telegraph was only 15 years old and society's electrical framework was truly in its infancy but radio operators were affected by electrical "shocks,"  and on October29 2003 the largest solar flare occurred in recorded history.

The Solar System

"Astrophysicist Alexei Dmitriev says that both Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 satellites reveal that our sun, as well as our entire solar system, is now moving into an interstellar energy cloud."
Briefly this "excites" the sun and the planets of the solar system which can cause earthquakes and major weather changes.
See :

It has been predicted that the next solar flares will build to explosive point between 2011 and 2013 and could be 20 times the intensity of previous events :a solar storm.

What a solar event primarily does is interrupt electrical equipment through electo-magnetic fields ( a compass going haywire)  BUT
for the first time in human history ( in this cycle anyway) our entire lives are run by electrical and radio-wave technology.

Ramifications of Solar Storm

Everything will go.........Traffic lights, Homes, Fridges, Lighting, All communication devices : telephones, computers....and this means bank accounts, emergency services like hospitals, security systems, petrol supplies and our water supplies..........even our toilets will not flush.   Pace-makers, electrical wheelchairs and the list goes on.
Our electrical lines AND gas and oil lines become conductors and as our world is connected from country to country this interconnectedness becomes a major vulnerability.

And this is not will happen unless........

Governments around the world have considered turning everything off during the solar storm and turning it on again to protect the transmitters and electrical transformers that will explode and take up to year and millions of dollars to replace.  They are considering building elecro-magnetic protective devices around major power plants.............

The Mayan predictions always stated that it would human's own technology that would create the 2012 "end of calendar"  that we all fear and the Bible's Armageddon was linked to fire. 

Danger to Humans

The greatest danger lies not in the physical event but in the human reaction. We would like to think that we would look after each other but we only have to remember the horrific events that occurred after the New Orleans disaster to see the horror of what frightened people on mass can do. Looting, murder and destruction became the day to day challenge of living after "Katrina" .............and as all countries will be affected simultaneously there will be no "super-power" to the rescue.  There are just not enough resources.

It has also been documented that solar flares have caused mood swings, depression, nausea and even instant amnesia.  It is certainly likely that high electro-magnetic fields that carry higher than normal  levels of radiation will affect us adversely.

Being Self-Responsible

In an ideal world!!!!  If we know that there is going to be massive change to the resources we rely on on a daily basis and there is time to prepareAND WE ALL PREPARE, then there will be no need for the terror and abuse of power.   Perhaps it is time to simply stock-pile what we can.   Basics of living: non-electrically reliant heating, light, food, shelter and water ( that one could be a problem if living in highly populated areas.)

So what can EACH OF US we do now?

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