My Life is Mine to Live : Happiness

My Life is Mine to Live : Happiness

Jo Nuske posted 02 Mar 2010

The true purpose of Happiness


Just as we give ourselves good food  to create healthy blood cells to energize, oxygenate and nurture our bodies,   so we also bring happiness into our lives to create the "life blood"  that feeds our spirit. 

Relationships between people are like connected, two-way flowing blood transfusions.  When the life-blood flow becomes "giving" constantly, the life force is drained.     The giver has two choices : to keep giving until spiritual death or to withdraw to replenish.   The danger is that without knowledge or awareness of this unbalanced relationship the giver can become a never-ending battery for everyone else.   This leads to despair and depression for in giving away of the self, the self is unable to find again that energy to re-energise and therefore create.

To explain this further.................. When we are happy we create. We create  love, life, art, inventions and positive energy. The true purpose of our lives is to be happy: for in that happiness we do not have the need to spend money on useless trinkets: we buy useless trinkets because we have not valued the money we have earned in unhappiness and in some way are trying to trade unhappiness for happiness. The useless trinkets that we clutter up our lives with do not create: they reflect the manner in which we have earned our money and therefore a reflection of our own self-worth. When you create, you create out of the energy and love that you have for your life and your work.

Happy_family_circleThat energy : that life blood becomes money and energy where you can then freely choose how you will spend it : on yourself to celebrate your life and happiness, your family, home etc.  Given to yourself or shared with love gives value and richness to the quality of your life. When others are unhappy and I give them mine : it is in the manner I have created that I make the offer.  

When others denigrate what I do, but expect me to offer them happiness because they need it, I am giving away that which I value most : my work, myself, my life blood in trade for that which does not make me happy : My life blood disappears into nothing and I die spiritually.  In that death it is harder to create again.  Thus the world kills those that offer their hearts and souls.  This is the biblical meaning of “do not cast your pearls before swine.”  Do not offer your love of your life and work to those who would take it without value, or ask you to create for them that which has no value to you. You cannot fill a bottomless glass : you cannot give another a sense if themselves : they have to find it for themselves.  When they ask me to be happy in THEIR manner and not mine I distort and destroy the very essence of what made me happy in the first place and I AM LEFT EMPTY. 

We CANNOT MAKE ANOTHER PERSON HAPPY. So the answer is this.  Do what makes you happy. Say " I will not give my life blood away solely  for the sake of another’s perception of what my happiness should be, for then I too am miserable.  I can offer a hand of help, but I cannot feed forever a container that has no concept or willingness to create for themselves

." When you can say : " I live in the love and the joy of my own life without guilt, shame or obligation"  you are truly free and strong ......for fear, shame and obligation no longer carries the power for you to be manipulated into following an untrue path.          When everyone can do this the world has changed to embrace truly infinite possibilities.

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