Mother's Day Fun

Mother's Day Fun

Jo Nuske posted 11 May 2012

My daughter and I recently had a pow wow about how Mother’s Day should be spent.  She is the mum of two : a 6 and 8 year old with another on the way.  With mum, grandma and yet another generation to celebrate : Mama, the temptation is to be together with the kids.   However, on reflection, we realised that in order to make the day special, we would be required to cook, plan, cater and entertain everyone else except ourselves.   It certainly helps us to fulfill the ideal picture of motherhood, (that of nurturing), but does this reflect what the day is supposed to honour?   If I “do” for my mother, and my daughter does for me, none of us gets the day off.   I can hear someone in the background suggesting that father do it! Yeah, right!
So the conundrum is this.  Do we three mother’s spend the day away from the family? Just go and do something for ourselves, like going to a movie, a market or out to lunch.  Do we leave the kids home with dad and be the irresponsible mother’s we are NOT brought up to be.  This is the challenge.  It might just be fun to try it this year.   What do you think, mum’s?  How are you going to honour you, to thank you, to love you for the love and care given every other day of the year?  And..........could you goof off without guilt?   MMmmmmmmm......

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