Money Philosophy Atlas Shrugged

Money Philosophy Atlas Shrugged

Jo Nuske posted 02 Mar 2010

Money is a tool of Trade between consenting Beings : Atlas Shrugged

Money is NOT the root of all Evil

AtlasmovieAyn Rand’s Book : “Atlas Shrugged” is being produced as a movie due to be released in 2011, 54 years after it was originally published. This masterpiece of “objectivism” sold ½ a million copies in 2009 alone.

Ayn Rand did not believe in faith in any way shape and form, and would have yelled to the rooftops that she was a non-spiritualist : in fact she called herself an objectivist , someone who does not believe in faith.   And yet to me her books represent some of the most profound and spiritual precepts for humans to live by.

To live not for the happiness of another but to embrace your own happiness in a singularity of purpose and joy.

To give nothing away that does not represent an investment for the giver whether that be money or love.  She believed that charity given through guilt or obligation was a cancer for the spirit that eroded the life blood of the giver and poisoned the receiver.   When a gift of help is given it is given in the spirit of acknowledgment of that person’s life in honour of their struggle : and in this way there is a level of understanding and empathy that goes with the gift.

In this way her creed is : give a hand up : not a hand out : help that person become the best they can be : do not feed them so that may become a drooling ineffectual blob.

Ayn Rand understood that money represented the end result of the work and the creativity that ultimately stemmed from the mind.  Human’s ability to turn their thoughts and ideas into 3 dimensional things that could be traded with other’s manifestation of their ideas. In this way, humans traded with each other. People traded their ability to serve whether through the skill as a plumber, electrician, creative artist or giving their body’s energy and caring mind in exchange for the goods of other’s.  The purpose of money has always been to create a value for each service or product to level the playing field so that humans could exchange and trade with each other : value for value.

When there is an inequality for that trade, conflict occurs.  In the spiritual world many people expect that the service should be given freely (without an exchange of money ) for it is perceived that the gifts given are from a higher power.  However, without the commitment from that individual to channel, understand and study and then translate those gifts these energies would never reach earth.

Would you expect a carpenter to create a beautiful piece of furniture and then expect him to give the product of his effort away as an expectation to someone who doesn’t have a table?  Would you expect a person with blood to give all of theirs away to a dozen people who are low in life blood? And yet this is what we do when we demand of others and ourselves in this ultimate altruistic act: to die for another’s right to live.   When the world drains the life blood from all of the creators in the world, where will they go next?

People expect the life blood to always be there, because there have always been people willing to take the risk,  step out of the box and create, often for sheer joy of that creation.  The fuel for the parasitic nature of humans is always there. It is only when the creator refuses to give away the fruits of their lives: their life blood,  will those that devour have to learn to stand on their own feet. Such is the story of "Atlas Shrugged" : the people who create for those that cannot create for themselves and who deem those creations as theirs by right: the creators say  "NO MORE."

It is only when the creators stop giving their lives away through the aspects of guilt, shame and obligation can they truly set humanity free and free themselves to create and consequently trade with others who are prepared to create for themselves. And this is the key to the true and joyous relationship of humans coming together.


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Atlas Shrugged


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