Meditation: The "Shut up factor for the mind"

Meditation: The "Shut up factor for the mind"

Jo Nuske posted 09 Jan 2017

Meditation : A quest for peace, knowledge and adventure.

Meditation is the “shut up factor” to a mind that is determined to spend its time in the distractions of things to do, things not done, regrets for past mistakes, problems that seem insurmountable, bills that can’t be paid, plans for the future and fears that a desired future may not come to pass.

When we are lost in the forest of conundrums it can be really difficult to step out or up long enough and with focus to see where we are. When there seems to an unfillable hole in our gut through loneliness, worry or sadness the temptation is to give up or seek perceived nurturing in the wrong stuff (shopping, drugs, alcohol, food). Quieting a mind that goes around in circles can seem impossible.

There are two approaches to the meditation scenario. We can be within our bodies and be present: to experience the meditation through our own senses or we can be our own witnesses: to see ourselves and our lives from an outside or higher perspective.

It often depends on the guidance we are listening to (the story of the meditation) or the intent we create on commencement. Both methods are invaluable but quite different. Each type is determined by HOW WE USE OUR 6 SENSES.

When we are looking for an answer we can nominate our higher selves to witness or see our situation from a relatively impartial context. We become our own counsellors. There is a clarity in this process that allows ourselves to understand the blocks, see the whole picture  and then deal with them in the real world.

Then there is the “astral meditation”, when we are who we are and travelling in real time. This is the meditation of the adventurer. We can walk down a street, look in shop windows, see a volcano erupting or experience world eventsas if we were there.

 It took me years to experience the adventure meditation but having experienced it, I can now understand the process. So often when we learn, it happens by accident. It was exhilarating.  So, as a teacher I can pass the knowledge on through process.

It is difficult to explain these phenomena through words or even video. Learning and knowing is experiencing and only you can do that through practice, once you have the methods.

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