Make a Christmas Wish for 2011

Make a Christmas Wish for 2011

Jo Nuske posted 03 Nov 2010

In line with the Summer Solstice Full Moon
"Make a wish for 2010 on our Xmas Tree "


Manifest your dream for 2010

A Spell is the commitment in love to create something in our life that we really want AND BELIEVE WE CAN AND DESERVE TO HAVE.


The New Moon is on the 5th December 2010 : the Beginning time to plant the seeds of a wish, a hope or desire to manifest in the future.  This can be a relationship, a thing or a situation.

It is completed on the night of the Full Moon 21st December 2010 and the time of the Summer Solsticeand just in time for Christmas Day!


So ...........SEND YOUR WISH OUT INTO THE UNIVERSE NOW!   Make your wish (IT IS FREE)  by emailing us your name which we will write on a card and hang  on a branch. 

Email address


The Way to Manifest your Dream!


You don't have to share your particular vision, just do the spell, hold the love of your vision in your mind lighting a candle  from the new moon phase on the 5th December each day until the FULL MOON 21st December 2010 when we will do the final step of planting your wish in the sacred circle of light in our garden.


The Ritual :


  1. Create the vision of ONE thing you really want to come into your life. 
  2. Write it down and light a candle ( choose a colour that feels right to you )
  3. Say this out loud :
A new moon’s charm brings the  seeds to start
A new phase journey,  that comes from the heart
This tree that ‘s blessed by Christmas hope
Will hold my wish upon this note
In 15 days on New year’s Eve
The Full moon shines her face on me
And blessed by her shining light
Will manifest my hope as right
I create this spell in Wiccan Law
That an open heart brings an open door
To walk my path of possibilities
To manifest in  reality
As without, so within, As below, so above
This spell is created in perfect love
Clear sight, clear heart……..So I must,
Ask this boon In perfect trust
I harm none and none harms me
Blessed be, three times three
This spell is done a candle lit
For 15 days the wish will sit
In Goddess’s  hands, supporting me
And now I say “So Mote it be”
  • Email us your name and or wish to

4. Each day from the 5th December 2010 light a candle (your choice of colour : go with your instincts) for 5 minutes and visualise your wish as though you already have it.

5. On the night of the full moon on 21st December the ritual will be completed : the time of manifestation.  We will film it and post it on the website to share and hope for each other.

We have a new SERENE SPIRIT Christmas Tree as last year's tree was looking a little battered.


Tips for manifesting

  • A new love relationship cannot  bring a particular person into your life for free will is stronger and choice is individual.  We can bring the QUALITIES of that person into our lives and the love that it brings.
  •  You can ask for the healing of a particular relationship but remember this will bring the RIGHT energy : even if it means ending it.
  • Money in itself holds no energy for money is only the tool to bring the OBJECT in, so ask youyrself what the money is FOR and focus your energy on that.
  • It is the feeling attached to achieving your dreams that attracts the manifestation, so focus on how you feel with this love in your life.
As Soon as we receive your wish we will write your name on a card and hang it on the tree.......
Blessed Be and Good Fortune for 2011
The Serene Spirit Team

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